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This year’s local government election will be held on 8 October 2016.

The instructions and candidate profile information booklet also includes District Health Board (DHB) and Environment Canterbury (ECan) nominations:

Special Voting

Look out for your voting papers Voting papers are being posted to registered electors in Selwyn for local elections. The local elections are held by postal vote.

Voting papers must be returned by 12 noon on Saturday 8 October – please post your voting papers back promptly to ensure your vote counts or return them to a ballot box at a Council service centre.

In Selwyn, you will be voting for the Mayor, local ward Councillors and if you live in Malvern ward, Malvern Community Board members. You will also vote for one Environment Canterbury Councillor to represent the mid Canterbury Area, and for seven Canterbury District Health Board members who are elected at large from across Canterbury. Your voting papers include candidate profile information to help you decide who you want to vote for and instructions on how you can vote. If you haven’t received your voting papers by this Friday 23 September please contact the Council so we can issue special voting papers to you. You can visit the Council’s Rolleston Headquarters or Darfield, Leeston or Lincoln Library and Service Centres to collect your papers.

Selwyn District Council – (SDC):

The Council consists of 12 elected representatives – a mayor and 11 councillors - who are voted in by residents and ratepayers every three years.  The elected representatives are drawn from four wards: Malvern (main town Darfield); Selwyn Central (main town, Rolleston); Springs (main town, Lincoln); and Ellesmere (main town, Leeston). Remuneration of elected members is set by the Remuneration Authority.

(a)  Election of the mayor

(b) Election of eleven (11) councillors as follows:

  • Ellesmere Ward: two (2) councillors
  • Malvern Ward: two (2) councillors
  • Selwyn Central Ward: four (4) councillors
  • Springs Ward: three (3) councillors

(c) Election of five (5) members of the Malvern Community Board as follows:

  • 3 members by the electors of the Hawkins subdivision
  • 2 members by the electors of the Tawera subdivision

If you wish to stand in the Malvern Ward, your nominees must live in that Ward. You do not necessarily need to live in that Ward.

Pre-election Report 2016

The Council’s Pre- Election Report for 2016 [PDF, 2466 KB] is also available from our service centres and libraries.

The report is a requirement of the Local Government Act 2002 and provides information to promote public discussion about issues facing the Council.  It includes information on the Council’s financial performance, financial strategy and major capital projects for the next three years.

Electoral Roll:

Copies of the final electoral roll for the election are available for public inspection during normal office hours at the following locations:

  • Darfield Service Centre/Library
  • Leeston Service Centre/Library
  • Lincoln Service Centre/Library
  • Rolleston Council Headquarters, Norman Kirk Drive

Any alterations to the electoral roll, should be made:

  • by completing the appropriate form at any Post Shop or
  • by telephoning 0800 ENROLNOW (0800 367656) or
  • by accessing the Electoral Enrolment Centre website on

Details appearing in the electoral roll are electors names (surname, then first names) listed alphabetically, the qualifying address, postal address, occupation, meshblock and voting entitlements.

Information contained on the electoral roll is not available from the electoral officer in an electronic form, but candidates or political parties may request an electronic listing of resident electors from Electoral Services (provided the criteria of section 114 of the Electoral Act 1993 is met). An application form is required to be completed, and these are available upon request from Electoral Services. The contact person is Michael Calvelo on (04) 801 0710.

Inaugural Meeting – Post election:

The successful candidates will take office on the day after the electoral officer gives his official notification of the result of the election. However, no person is permitted to act as a member of the Council before making a declaration. This declaration will be made at the inaugural meeting, which is expected to be held in late October or early November 2016. Newly elected members will be contacted by staff with the key dates.

The business to be conducted at that meeting will include:

  • The making and attesting of declarations required of the mayor, councillors and community board members.
  • A general explanation of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 and other laws affecting elected members.
  • The fixing of the date and time of the first ordinary meeting of the Council and community boards, or the adoption of the schedule of ordinary meetings.
  • Election of the deputy mayor and community board chairpersons.

If elected the declaration required to be made by the mayor and councillors is as follows:

Declaration by Mayor and Councillors:

I declare that I will faithfully and impartially, and according to the best of my skill and judgement, execute and perform, in the best interests of Selwyn District Council, the powers, authorities, and duties vested in or imposed upon me as mayor (or as a member) of the Selwyn District Council by virtue of the Local Government Act 2002, the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, or any other Act.


Selwyn district is broken into four wards for election purposes.  The four wards are:

You can also enter your details to find out what ward you are in, on the Electoral Commission's enrol page.

Further information:

Local Body elections are governed by the Local Electoral Act 2002 and further information on election procedure or standing as a candidate can be obtained from the Electoral Officer, Douglas Marshall.

Email or phone the council.

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