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Residents Survey

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Residents Survey 2017

Each year the Council undertakes an annual survey to seek feedback on residents’ satisfaction with services such as water supply, roads, community facilities and rubbish collection.

The survey was carried out in June and July by independent research company Research First, and surveyed 411 people using telephone, cellphone and online surveys to provide a statistically representative sample of Selwyn’s population.

In the survey, 70% of respondents rated the Council’s overall performance as good or very good – an increase of 5% from 2016.

The survey also showed that 91% of residents think Selwyn is a great place to live – slightly down on last year’s 94% but up on 90% recorded in 2015.

Across 21 different Council services surveyed, 17 recorded satisfaction ratings of 50% or higher. Ten services recorded an increase in their rating from last year, while the same number saw a reduction and one remained unchanged.

A summary of key findings from the 2017 survey [PDF, 978 KB] is provided below.

Key results

Results show the proportion of respondents who rated a service good or very good.

Waste Management
Rubbish Collection
Organic Collection
Pines Resource Recovery Park
Community Facilities
Public Halls
Parks and Reserves
Water Services
Water Supplies
Urban Stormwater
Land Transport
Urban Roads
Rural Roads
Making Roads Safer

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How we are responding

This survey provides the Council with valuable feedback on how we’re doing each year, and highlights areas where we need to continue improving services. These results will be taken into account as the Council works on priorities for the next 10-year plan.

The Council is continuing to invest in maintaining and improving services.  Current and planned work programmes include road maintenance, renewals and resurfacing, extending the district’s footpath network, new cycleways and intersection improvements.

Water supply improvements and treatment upgrades are under way or planned at several locations across the district. The Council is also investing in new community centres at West Melton and Tai Tapu, earthquake strengthening community halls, and adding or upgrading facilities at other facilities.

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