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Winter Hours

We would like to make the latest time to book a burial (excluding ashes) at 3.30pm. Summer/Daylight Saving hours will resume when daylight savings begins on 27 September 2015.


Recognised for their attractive rural settings, and high standard of upkeep, the Selwyn District Council maintains nineteen cemeteries, of which two – Bishops Corner and Killinchy – are closed for new plot sales.

Most of the cemeteries were established in the 1870s and therefore feature old-style grave areas, as well as newer lawn beams which have been developed during the last few decades. There is provision for burials and the interment of ashes at all cemeteries, except that Ellesmere Catholic Cemetery doesn’t have ash plots.

The management of the Council’s cemeteries is governed by the Selwyn District Council cemetery bylaw [PDF 2.7Mb]. This document contains helpful information such as the purchase of plots, provisions for interments, requirements for placing a memorial and keeping graves in order.


The headstone of Willie McClelland

The grave of Willie McClelland in Kirwee Cemetery


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