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Archived News Item. Note that information below may no longer be current or accurate.
Archived: 22 Mar 2018 2:21pm

The Council is inviting submissions to three bylaws covering key water services across the district.

The current Water Supply Bylaw 2008 and the Water Race Bylaw 2008 have both been reviewed reviewed, while a new Stormwater and Drainage Bylaw 2018 has been drafted for consultation.

The Water Supply Bylaw relates to water supplies under Council control and management across the district. It has worked well over the past 10 years but now needs to be updated to reflect changes in operations and in the district’s water needs. The updated bylaw will clarify the obligations of the Council and customers, provide flexibility in approving connections and generally make the bylaw easier to understand.

The Water Race Bylaw, which relates to the Council’s water race network, has also been in place since 2008, and the amended version is not significantly different. The changes mainly relate to technical aspects such as terminology and definitions, and ensuring it meets current statutory requirements.

The new Stormwater and Drainage Bylaw 2018 provides a framework for managing the stormwater and drainage network across Selwyn. It covers development and maintenance of the network, and measures to minimize risks to the network from damage, interference or contamination.

The three bylaws are open for public consultation until Wednesday 21 March. Information on the proposals, including a copy of the draft bylaw and details on making a submission, are available at

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