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Tree trimming

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Archived News Item. Note that information below may no longer be current or accurate.
Archived: 20 Dec 2017 11:30am

Owners of properties adjacent to Council reserves are asked to contact the Council if trees on the reserve require trimming. Contractors will undertake any required work under the Council’s trees and vegetation policy.

The Council should also be contacted for trimming of trees on roadsides and berms.

Call the Helpline or fill out our form to place a service request.

Property owners are also asked to keep trees and vegetation clear from footpaths.

Note that the Council may trim vegetation back from properties if it crosses into a Council reserve in a manner that could impede or injure users of a reserve.

With summer’s arrival we’re also encouraging residents to water trees directly outside your house on the roadside berm, especially young trees which are susceptible to dry conditions.

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