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Water meters coming to Leeston

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Archived News Item. Note that information below may no longer be current or accurate.
Archived: 15 Dec 2017 1:20pm

Over the next three months we will be installing water meters in Leeston.

The project is part of the district-wide rollout of water meters for all households on Council water supplies.

Around 86% of Council supply households across the district are already on meters. Water meters are already fitted at most newer Leeston properties, and this project will complete installations at around 520 households, starting in early October.

Metering has been shown to reduce water consumption as it links water use to charging – so households that use less water benefit from lower charges, while those using more pay higher changes.

For properties where meters are installed, there will be some changes to the way water is charged.

Sample water meterIn the year to 30 June 2018, Leeston properties will stay on the current system, paying a standard district water rate of $391. This provides a base allocation 375 cubic metres per year (1m3 = 1,000 litres). Households that use more than this in the year will also be billed for any water above the base allocation at a rate of 44 cents per cubic metre.

From 1 July 2018, water charges in Leeston will move to the same system used in other fully-metered areas like Rolleston and West Melton. From this date Leeston properties will pay a reduced standard water rate (currently $226), plus a charge per cubic metre of 44 cents.

Households with average water use will find their total charge remains similar to what they currently pay.

You can help avoid incurring extra charges by monitoring your water use - see for more information and tips on how to read your water meter.

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