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Fire Restrictions Lifted in Selwyn

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Fire restrictions have been lifted in the rural plains of Selwyn district from 8am on Thursday 16 March.

This replaces the restricted fire season previously in place.

Most areas of Selwyn have received over 50mm of rain in the past week, which has significantly reduced the fire risk.

“While rain over recent weeks has reduced the fire risk, we request that people continue to be cautious about lighting a fire in the open,” says Selwyn District Principal Rural Fire Officer Douglas Marshall.

Anyone lighting a fire in the open air must be in attendance and supervise the fire until it is completely extinguished. Fires can only be lit in daylight hours. Fires also should not be lit when strong winds are blowing or forecast and should be surrounded by adequate firebreaks which are clear of any standing vegetation. People should also make sure there is a water supply available near the fire. A full list of fire safety guidelines which must be followed is available at - if these conditions are not met, property owners can be liable for the costs of fire-fighting and damage from escaped fires.

Fire restrictions may be re-imposed at a later date if weather conditions change to create a potentially dangerous fire situation.

The lifting of restrictions applies to rural areas administered by the Selwyn District Council, except for Department of Conservation (DOC) land within Selwyn and high country areas within Selwyn district. A year round restricted fire season remains in the hill and high country of Selwyn district.

Outdoor fires other than cooking fires and barbecues are not allowed in residential areas in Canterbury under Environment Canterbury rules. See

Last Changed: 18 Mar 2017


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Fire Restrictions Lifted in Selwyn

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