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Roading reconstruction helps create smoother journeys

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Roading reconstruction work is helping to improve our roading network.

Extra funding for road reconstruction work was introduced in 2014 from a roading targeted rate to help meet the rising costs of roading repair and renewal work.

Vehicle traffic on Selwyn roads has been increasing more quickly than our population, while more heavy vehicles, including dairy tankers, construction vehicles and trucks travelling to and from Izone, are also using local roads. The funding has been used to accelerate road reconstruction work on sections of road where the road has suffered significant damage and the road base needs to be reconstructed, the surface levelled and resealed. On these sections of road, pothole and digout repairs cannot adequately repair road damage.

Since July 2014, 11.6km of road reconstruction work has been completed on sections of these roads:

  • Deans Road
  • Gerald Street
  • Leeston and Lake Road
  • Goulds Road
  • Springs Road
  • Rockwood Road
  • Selwyn Lake Road
  • Leeston Dunsandel Road
  • Old Tai Tapu Road
  • Southbridge Leeston Road
  • Telegraph Road
  • Marshs Road

Road reconstruction is also now starting on 0.5km of Bealey Road, west of Waianiwaniwa River bridge.

Telegraph Road near Darfield (pictured below) is an example of how road rehabilitation work is providing a smoother ride for vehicles and helping reduce ongoing maintenance costs. In the period from July 2013 to March 2015, 109 potholes were recorded on Telegraph Road between Darfield township and Bealey Road. The road is a busy rural road and is also used by many trucks. Road rehabilitation work was undertaken on this section of road in stages with the work completed in early 2015. From April 2016 until March 2017, after road rehabilitation was completed, only 7 potholes were recorded on this section of road, a major reduction from the number recorded previously.

Telegraph Road

Last Changed: 20 Mar 2017


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