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Selwyn Aquatic Centre Expansion

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A new 25m pool to be added to the current complex at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre will address the capacity issues at the district’s swimming hub in Rolleston.

At Long-Term Plan deliberations during the week Councillors voted to build a 25m pool at the complex, to address the ever growing demand for pool time at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre.

Council is aware there are issues around the Selwyn Aquatic Centre and having enough space for a range of groups using the facility. It acknowledges there are waiting lists for the Learn to Swim programme, and that there is limited space at peak times for casual users. The additional space will make sure there’s enough room for every user, during all of our opening hours. As a Council we are dedicated to making sure our Learn to Swim is available for everyone who wishes to access it, as well as working to provide facilities for our community as a whole.

While the Selwyn District Council understands the desire from some to have a full competition length 50m pool, there was a significant uplift in cost between a 25m pool and a 50m pool. The estimated cost of the planned 25m pool sits at $9.3 million for the pool and $2.7 million for extra spaces (café and a fitness area). Meaning a 50m pool would be more than double the price of the project, with an estimated cost of around $26.6 million for a 50m pool at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre.

For rate payers, the construction of the 25m pool will see the annual swimming pools rate for zone one residents (Rolleston) come in at $174 per annum, while the rate payers in zone two will be paying $120 a year. Those costs would rise dramatically if the Selwyn District Council opted for a 50m pool. It would see a rates requirement of $296 a year for zone one, and $208 for zone two. For Rolleston residents that would be a 70% lift in their contribution towards the annual swimming pool rates.

Having worked alongside a number of partners including Sport Canterbury who recommended a 25m pool, we are confident the additional 25m pool will service the needs of our ever growing population, as well as working in with the needs of Canterbury as a whole. Sport Canterbury made it clear the Metro Sports Facility which includes a 50m pool will satisfy the regional need for a competition and high performance facility.

As a Council we are excited about adding another pool to an outstanding facility, and expect to have design work completed by the end of 2018, with construction of the extension starting in the first quarter of 2019. We are working towards opening the new pool in March 2020.


Last Changed: 19 Jun 2018

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