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5-Waters Services

The availability of clean safe to drink water and the safe disposal of wastewater are fundamental to the health and welfare of the Selwyn community.

The 5 Waters service provides clean safe to drink water for households and removal of wastewater and rain water in a way that protects the health of the population and natural environment. The 5 Waters service also provides river water for livestock and drains certain land so that it is usable. These services are provided through 81 separately rated water based schemes within the District.

The 5 Waters assets are valued at $538 million with water supplies valued at $140 million, wastewater schemes $193 million, stormwater $34 million, land drainage $43 million and water races $128 million.

Drinking water is provided by the council to over 75% of the population of the District, around 41,000 people. By comparison, wastewater services are provided to approximately 29,000 people. The largest consented wastewater treatment and disposal area is the Pines Wastewater Treatment Plant, servicing Rolleston, West Melton, Lincoln, Prebbleton and Springston (the Eastern Selwyn Wastewater Scheme).

Activity Goal

Our goal for the 5 Waters activities is:

‘To provide water services that meet all relevant standards and are at a service level the public can afford and have confidence in, now and forward into the future’.

To find out more about each of the 5Waters, click on the links to the right.

Activity Management Plans

Activity Management Plans outline and summarise our long-term asset management approach for the provision and intergenerational management of water, wastewater, stormwater, water race and land drainage services. The plan is intended to be read in conjunction with the Long Term Plan and fulfils requirements of the Local Government Act 2002.


We adhere to a number of policies. These include:

  • Council's Strategies and the overarching 5 Waters Strategy
  • National Policies, Regional Policies and Plans
  • Council's Policies, Legislation & Bylaws, and Standards & Guidelines

The Regulatory page provides a summary of the 5Waters Strategies and Policies as well as other Regional Policies the Council is involved in.


Are you developing or subdividing? Follow the links below to read our standard conditions of approval and code of practice.


Bylaws are written by Council for the purposes of managing, regulating against, or protecting from damage, misuse, or loss, or for preventing the use of; land, structures, or infrastructure associated with the 5Waters.

The Bylaws page provides more information on bylaws and the current 5Waters bylaws.

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Water Supplies

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