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Good Living, Great Value

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2,600km of travel for a dollar a day. We have 1,400km of sealed roads, 1,000km of unsealed roads, 200km of footpaths, 27km of cycleways, 140 bridges, and 4,330 streetlights.

Just a dollar a day* gets you just about anywhere you want to go within Selwyn.

On your behalf, the Council provides and maintains a 2,600 kilometre transport network that covers the length and breadth of Selwyn District. This local network, when combined with the state highways, provides vital links to help ensure residents, businesses and visitors can live, work and play in the district.

The size of the district, along with the sustained growth in population and economic activity, means good transport links are critical to our communities’ social and economic wellbeing.

Some facts on transport growth:

  • Traffic is increasing by 5% per year – that’s an extra 8 million km travelled each year on our roads.
  • The distance travelled by vehicles on Selwyn roads now totals over 300 million km a year.
  • 12km of new urban roads each year have been added to the roading network since 2011. In comparison, 10 years ago only 2km of new roads were added annually.
  • The combined value of the Council’s transport assets over the past 15 years has increased three-fold to $640 million.

As well as the roads, the Council’s responsibilities take in bridges, traffic signs and markings, footpaths, street lighting, cycleways, bus shelters, kerbing and sumps.

We also work with partner agencies, like other councils, Police, ACC and NZTA, on integrated transport planning and on campaigns to keep drivers safe on our roads.

Over the coming years we’ve got some big projects coming up including connections to the Southern Motorway, a flyover across SH1 at Rolleston, improvements around our townships, new cycleways and footpaths, and an ongoing maintenance and renewal programme.

Keeping residents moving safely and efficiently is just one of the ways that your council is helping ensure Selwyn residents can enjoy good living at great value.

*Approximate based on general rate for a residential property with CV of $500,000 plus targeted rate for maintenance, 2015/16 rates.

Council at work in your community...

The range of services Selwyn District Council provides in your local community is vast.

Whether it’s the water you use to brush your teeth, the local roads you drive on to work or to get to shops, the community halls you meet in, the pools and parks where you play, the libraries where you can stimulate your mind, services that support residential and business development, promotions that bring tourists and visitors to the district, the water races that keep land irrigated and stock watered, regulatory functions that keep food outlets clean, the trucks that carry your rubbish away or 101 other essential services … residents use and interact with Council activities 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Council’s activities are grouped into eight significant activity areas:

Community Facilities

Community Facilities logo

These activities have a major impact on the social and cultural quality of life for the district’s residents, while enabling the retention of the best elements of its natural environment.

Activities include recreation and neighbourhood reserves, cemeteries, public toilets, community centres and halls, swimming pools and libraries.

Community Services

Community Services logo

These activities provide and promote a wide variety of services and facilities that make Selwyn District a great place in which to live, work and play. We do this through working with the community to plan, provide/facilitate and promote activities.

Activities include community development services, recreation programmes, youth activities, business and tourist promotion activities, community research and social policy, and emergency preparedness including rural fire services and civil defence.


Democracy logo

This activity covers the costs associated with the Council’s democratic process. This includes Councillors’ and Community Board members’ remuneration and the cost of providing them with professional advice and support, as well as the cost of organising elections every three years. It also covers certain grants made by statute to support the Council and a levy imposed by the Canterbury Museum.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services logo

These activities work to protect the community from a variety of risks and to enhance the quality of the built and natural environment in which we live. This includes ensuring that actions taken by people in the district are law abiding and in accordance with community expectations.

Activities include building control, District Plan administration, environmental health, monitoring, strategy and policy, and animal control.


Transportation logo

The Council provides a 2,440 kilometre transportation network that covers the length and breadth of the district. This transportation network, when combined with the State Highways, provides a range of roading linkages that enable Selwyn residents, businesses and visitors to work and play in the district.

Activities include sealed and unsealed pavements, bridges, footpaths, kerb and channel, traffic signs and street lighting.

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste logo

This activity provides services for managing waste in the more populous parts of the district, covering more than 15,000 households (June 2014 estimate). Waste is mostly collected through a system of rubbish, recycling and organic kerbside collections, along with the Pines Resource Recovery Park.

Activities include kerbside collection, transportation and disposal to landfill, transport of recyclables, and the operation of the Pines Resource Recovery Park.

Five Waters Services

Five Waters logo

The Five Waters activities provide safe, clean water for households, removes sewage and storm water in a way that protects the health of the population and natural environment, provides water for livestock and drains certain land so that it is usable.

Activities include community water supplies, land drainage, urban stormwater, rural and urban water races, and community wastewater schemes.

Izone Southern Business Hub

Southern Business Hub logo

Izone is a 190-hectare industrial park being developed by the Council at Rolleston. Since opening in 2001, the Council has purchased additional land to accommodate growth and demand for industrial land within Selwyn. Izone is designed to provide employment within the district. A secondary goal is to provide a financial return to the Council.

For more about Council services in your community, see our Information for Residents guide [PDF, 3152 KB]

For information on how your rates contribute to the Council’s activities in your community, see Funding Council’s Activities

For details on the Council’s funding of activities over the next 10 years see the 10-year funding overview

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