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How Are My Rates Spent?

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Selwyn District Council has published a series of booklets outlining how ratepayers in our larger townships contribute to local and district-wide services and facilities.

If you’re a ratepayer, you’ll know that each year residents make an annual rates contribution to Council, which pays for a wide range of activities. On your rates assessment, your general rate is divided up into a number of activities.

But what do these actually mean? Where is your money going?

These rates calculator booklets aim to:

  • help you understand what the activities are that Council performs on your behalf, and
  • show you how much of your rates contribution goes to fund each of these activities.

We all contribute a different amount of rates to Council, through a mix of general and targeted rates. Using the rates calculator you can work out where your rates dollar is spent, and understand how much of your rates contribution goes to cover the cost of various activities in your township and the wider district.

There’s a booklet available for each of the following seven townships. You can view these here, or download and print a copy. You can also pick up a copy of the booklet from the library or service centre nearest each township.

View or download the booklet for these townships:

For a more detailed breakdown of your rates you can also go to the Property Search page.

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