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Notified Resource Consents

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Below are our current notified resource consents. The link for the status will take you directly to our Resource Consent system so that you can see the current status of the consent.

Because of their possible environmental effects, many activities need a resource consent from the Council.

You have the right to inspect the following consent application(s) at any Council service centre during normal office hours and to make a submission supporting or opposing it.


Current Notified Resource Consents

RC165525 and RC165526

Applicant Terracostosa Limited
Property Address 428 Hudson Road, Lincoln       
Proposal RC165525 - To undertake a subdivision to create 3 rural lots.
RC165526 - To retain a dwelling on an undersized lot.
Planner Amy Pankhurst       
Current StatusStatus link for RC165525
Status link for RC165526
Submissions Close 19 January 2017
ApplicationApplication link


Submissions may be made in writing to the Selwyn District Council by the closing date for such submissions.

All submissions must be dated and signed by the person making the submission, and must contain the following information:

  1. Full name, postal address, telephone number and email (as well as fax number if applicable).
  2. Details of the application in respect of which submission is being made (this is to include the location and application number).
  3. Whether the application is supported or opposed should be clearly indicated.
  4. Your submission should include the reasons you support or oppose the application.
  5. The decision you believe the Consent Authority should make.
  6. Whether you wish to be heard in support of your submission at any hearing which may be convened to determine the matter.

A copy of your submission must be served as soon as is reasonably practicable on the applicant.

Submission Forms

You can download a submission form 13 and post or deliver to one of our service centres or make an online submission or email your submission to

This notice is issued under Section 93(2) of the Resource Management Act 1991.

You can pick up a booklet on the Resource Consent process from the Building and Planning Department counter at the Rolleston Office.

Further information on the process is available from the Ministry for the Environment.

Recently Notified Resource Consents


ApplicantBaylis Brothers (Leeston) Limited
Property Address Corner of Leeston Road & Volckman Road, Leeston
Proposal To establish and operate a workshop & tyre shop
Planner Nick Boyes (Consultant Resource Planner)
Current StatusStatus Link for 165331
Submissions Closed 14 September 2016
Decision Notified10 October 2016 Decision Link for RC165331

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