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Rubbish Collection

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The Rubbish Kerbside Collection is weekly and begins at 7.30am (parts of the Main South Road begin at 7am).

All rubbish must be in official Selwyn District Council rubbish wheelie bins or bags. Please note:  If your bin/bag does weigh more than in the descriptions below it will be tagged with a note informing you why it has not been emptied.

Rubbish is collected every week from either a 240 litre or 80 litre wheelie bin. Households can also use 60 litre rubbish bags, which are available from Council Service Centres and supermarkets.

Image of Official Council Refuse Bag 

60 litre rubbish bag Max weight 12kg

Image of Rubbish Wheelie Bins 

240 litre rubbish bin Max weight 60kg


80 litre rubbish bin Max weight 30kg

The Council has set waste collection fees and charges to encourage waste minimisation and provide a financial incentive to households that reduce their rubbish.

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