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Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Act 2002.

The Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 sets out the framework for Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) in New Zealand. It requires the setting up of Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups, the production of Group plans, and the appointment of Controllers. Acts

National Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Plan

National-CDEM-Plan The National CDEM Plan sets out the CDEM arrangements at the national level. This is to manage nationally significant hazards, risks, and co-ordination of CDEM during a period of national emergency.
View the National CDEM Plan [PDF 181kb].

Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group.

The Civil Defence Emergency Management Act requires local authorities, emergency services, and other organisations to join together to form CDEM Groups. The Canterbury CDEM group representatives include the local authorities from Kaikoura, Hurunui, Waimakariri, Christchurch City, Selwyn, Ashburton, Mackenzie,Timaru, Waimate District Councils and Environment Canterbury Regional Council.  Group-Plan

The Group provides a co-ordination function for all local authorities in the region and a regional framework Canterbury CDEM Group Plan on which they base their own local CDEM arrangements. Visit the CDEM Group website to view a copy of the CDEM
Group Plan.

Selwyn District Council Local Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Arrangements.


The Local Arrangements Plan focuses on describing the activities that relate to reduction, readiness, response and recovery at the district level.

The aim of the local arrangements is to ensure a co-ordinated and effective response to emergency or district events. It describes the districts geography, population and provides a hazard analysis, and outline of our processes to manage an event. The Local Arrangements covers the establishment of an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).

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