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Community Response Volunteers

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Civil Defence Emergency Management is a people organisation. It's about helping people in times of disaster. As an individual, a family, a community group or residents' association, you may be the best, and only, source of help to victims of disaster, especially if your community has become isolated.

Selwyn District Council uses a Community Response model across the district to meet the Civil Defence needs of our communities.

It’s about understanding our hazards and being organised and ready to look after each other in an emergency.


The model is based on Neighbourhood Support Groups.  Street/road coordinators are responsible for checking on their neighbourhood and reporting back to a locally based Community Response Team.  This team's role is to  co-ordinate the local response and communicate directly with the council's Emergency Operations Centre.  The council also feeds information back to the community the same way.


The Community Response model has been tested on several occasions over the past 3 years and has proved very successful with neighbours checking on each other and accurate up-to-date information being passed on despite there being no power or phones at times.

In an emergency it is important not to feel isolated.  We have a website to help you be part of a connected neighbourhood and community.


Selwyn Gets Ready

We want every household in the Selwyn District to join our emergency management / neighbourhood support website

This is a website where you can securely record your contact details and any special needs, resources and skills that your household has, so your neighbourhood is better able to take care of itself in an emergency.
By joining Selwyn Gets Ready you can receive emergency messages that affect your family like boil water notices, warning about uncontrolled fires nearby and police messages about local active burglars, from the Selwyn District Council Emergency Management Team.

If you have not already please join Selwyn Gets Ready now !

We have over 5000 households on the system - don't be left out of the loop.

For more information contact us at or phone Selwyn District Council Emergency Management Team.

Community response teams work with and utilise existing local volunteer groups and organisations to help carry out Civil Defence activities.

The following are examples of some groups, or organisations that they would work with in an emergency:

  • Day Club
  • Ellesmere Food Bank
  • Ellesmere Search and Rescue
  • Red Cross
  • Salvation Army
  • St Johns Ambulance
  • NZ Fire Service
  • Rural Fire Force
  • Federated Farmers
  • Lions
  • Jaycees

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