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Emergency Centres

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In an emergency check the homepage or listen to the radio to find out which shelters/centres have been opened, before leaving your home.


During an emergency, as long as it is safe to do so, people should remain in their homes as this is where they are most likely to feel comfortable, be familiar with their surroundings and have the things that they need.

There will however be times when individuals may need to leave their homes due to the damage that has occurred, if there is a threat to the occupant's life, or just wanting information on what is happening.

Throughout the district there are a number of Emergency Centres plus Emergency Welfare Centres to help.

Emergency Centres

  • Located in community facilities
  • Set up and managed locally with support from Civil Defence (Selwyn District Council)
  • Intended as a place to gather for a short period of time to provide support and information.

Emergency Welfare Centres

  • Located in Rolleston, Lincoln, Darfield and Leeston
  • Set up and managed by Civil Defence (Selwyn District Council) supported by members of recognised community organisations.
  • Intended to provide a range of emergency welfare services such as accommodation, clothing, food, emotional and financial support

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