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Organisational Structure

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The Selwyn District Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) response focuses on communities, supported by Community Committees. These communities report directly to the Emergency Operations Centre. In the event of a wide-spread or community specific event, an area structure base on wards may be put in place.

Emergency Operations Centre

Emergency Centre staff

The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) at the Rolleston Selwyn District Council headquarters will be activated to monitor and/or respond to events.

In the event that the Rolleston Headquarters cannot be utilised, the Rolleston Community Centre will be used as a alternative EOC.

The EOC has established communications, administration and service facilities and is staffed by council staff supported by other organisations.

All actions during the response phase of an emergency will generally follow the Co-ordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) principles.

Due to the terrain and hazardscape and potential isolation, the Arthur's Pass area has its own Emergency Operations Centre. This is located in the Department of Conservation Office and manages the response for this designated area.

Local Controllers

Under the provisions of Section 6.2A of the Canterbury Group CDEM Plan, Selwyn District Council can appoint suitably qualified and trained persons as Local Controllers and at least two other such persons as Alternate Local Controllers.

The Council has appointed the following Local Controller and Alternate Controllers:

Local Controller for Selwyn District Council

  • Mr Douglas Marshall

Alternate Local Controllers for Selwyn District Council

  • Mr Al Lawn
  • Mr Murray Washington

Civil Defence Emergency Welfare


The Civil Defence Emergency Welfare response is provided in the community or through designated CDEM Welfare Centres, one located in each area (ward) or in identified community facilities should these be required.

Due to the potential isolation and unique issues likely to occur, the Arthur's Pass community will have their own welfare centre.

If Areas are not activated simultaneously, teams from unaffected Areas may be
re-deployed to provide additional support to other areas as necessary.

Due to the potential isolation and unique issues likely to occur, the Arthurs Pass community will have their own welfare centre.



The Recovery Phase starts at the same time as the Response Phase so that there is a seamless transition from where the response ends and recovery begins.

The focus of recovery is aimed at returning the community to its normal social and economic activities as soon as possible after an event.

Local Recovery Manager

Under section 17(1)(e) of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 The Council has appointed the following Local Recovery Manager and Deputies:

Local Recovery Manager for Selwyn District Council

  • Mr Douglas Marshall

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