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Exercises & Public Education

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Exercise Pandora

Exercise Pandora is an annual regional based exercise held since 1995. The aim of Exercise Pandora is to practice and evaluate the response procedures and the effectiveness of the organisations involved.

Note that the exercises are generally desk-top based, and while some physical resources and equipment is moved around to generate realism to the exercise, the impact on the public is minor.

Public Education Programmes

"Being prepared at home, at school, at work."

Earthquakes, floods, storms and volcanic eruptions all have one thing in common: the potential to ruin everything we have worked for - homes, treasured possessions and possibly the loss of a loved one. Disasters happen quickly and without compassion. We can't prevent disasters but we can all take simple steps to reduce the impact, and be better prepared to recover quickly.

Emergency Preparedness at Home ...Find out what you and your family can do to Get Ready and Get Thru

Emergency Preparedness for Children ... Hazardous awareness and teaching programme information for kids and schools

Emergency Preparedness for Schools ... The Ministry of Education has produced Worksafe at School Guidelines on civil defence planning for schools, which provide useful information and templates.

Emergency Preparedness for Businesses ...Information to help you and your staff to get ready and get thru in the workplace.

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