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The Selwyn District has consistently been the fastest growing district in New Zealand in recent years, with a population growth currently around 4.5% per year. The Council wants all residents to feel part of their community so they can successfully establish their lives at their new home. A supportive community plays a vital role in helping migrants and newcomers to feel welcome and to settle into their new communities and homes.

Getting to know the people who live nearby helps create a sense of belonging and shared identity in your local area. Strengthening connections and trust in our wider communities contributes to a happier and safer neighbourhood for everyone.

Here in Selwyn we encourage all residents to get to know their neighbours!


We’re bringing Meet your Street to 20 locations around Selwyn
Get to know your neighbours with a FREE sausage sizzle on your doorstep

‘Meet your Street’ comes to you!

This summer the Selwyn District Council’s Meet your Street will be visiting 20 different locations around Selwyn.

Meet your Street is a fun, informal event with a FREE sausage sizzle. It’s a chance to meet new people in your neighbourhood, enjoy some music and games for the kids.

Check out our Facebook page – Meet Your Street Selwyn for event information, photos and wet weather postponement details.


Here in Selwyn we also encourage neighbourhoods to organise their own local street gathering.

If you would like to do this we are offering a small subsidy of up to $50.00 per street gathering.

Who can Apply?

Anyone who lives in a neighbourhood in Selwyn. Your street gathering can be a small group of neighbours or a whole street. It may be held at the local reserve or playground, or in somebody's backyard.

Check out some ideas for your own street gathering


  • The maximum amount off funding is up to $50.00 on receiving receipts and a completed claim form
  • We cannot reimburse for alcohol
  • The subsidy of $50.00 per gathering cannot be in conjunction with any other council funding
  • An application form must be submitted prior to the gathering.
  • Your gathering must be held between 1st November 2016 and 31st March 2017
  • Claims for reimbursement to be returned no later than 30th April 2017 with a completed claim form and attached or scanned receipts.

Please note - previously to this, SDC offered subsidies in conjunction with Neighbourhood Week.  In Selwyn we have rebranded Neighbourhood Week with ‘Meet your Street’

If you require more information please contact us at

Street Crowd

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