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This form is to be used for all grant and loan applications to the Council or Community Boards. Information about grants is found on the Funding page.

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Name of organisation/applicant applying for grant: 
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Residential Address: 
Postal Address: (if different)
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Please give the names and telephone contracts for one or two referees who can help us if the Assessment Committee requires more information:
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If an Organisation:

How many members does your organisation serve?
Financial members:
Non-Financial members:
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Club sub/levies:
Is your organisation a legally constituted society or trust?
If you are registered for GST, please supply your tax number:
Our preferred method of payment is direct credit.

If a School:

Applications from schools should be approved or submitted by the PTA as a fundraising project rather than an educational project.

Has the PTA and/or Board of Trustees approved this application for funding?


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