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Rolleston West School

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We have received an application of a Notice of Requirement (NoR) from the Ministry of Education.

Latest News - Updated 10 July 2014

The Ministry of Education have released their decision on Rolleston West School [PDF, 1965 KB].

No Appeals have been lodged on the Decision. As such the Designation for Rolleston West Primary School is now operative in the Selwyn District Plan.

At the Council meeting on 9 April 2014, Council resolved to accept the commissioner's recommendation on the Notice of Requirement from the Minster of  Education for Rolleston West School and an early childhood education facility. Council's recommendation was to confirm the Notice of Requirement.

Commissioner's Recommendation [PDF, 161 KB]
Appendix A E11 Recession Planes [PDF, 68 KB]
Letter to Ministry [PDF, 45 KB]

Council only made a recommendation.

The Minister had 30 working days (from 10 April 2014) to advise Council as to whether the recommendation is accepted or rejected in whole or in part.

On receiving the Minster's decision, Council informed all submitters and directly affected land owners of the decision and provide a time frame for which any appeals on the decisions can be lodged.

The Designation Request

The Ministry of Education are seeking to designate an area of 4.5 ha to enable the construction and subsequent use of the land for educational purposes.

This will include the use of the site for an early childhood education facility and a primary school. Therefore, the purpose of the designation to be noted in the Selwyn District Plan is ‘Educational Purposes – School (years 0 to 8) and Early Childhood Education (preschool)’.

The Application

The Process

A hearing has been held. A planning recommendation has been made on the NoR for the hearing.

Hearing Files:
s42a report - Planners recommendation for hearing

The hearing was heard by an independent commissioner. The commissioner made a  recommendation which went to Council to either confirm, cancel or modify the requirement. The Councils final recommendation was to confirm the designation, subject to the conditions and this was provided to the Requiring Authority.

The Requiring Authority made its decision to accept in part the recommendation with some changes to the wording of the conditions. The Council accepted this decision and no appeals were received from submitters or the land owner and as such, the Designation is now operative.

The Ministry for the Environment have put out a helpful booklet that explains the designation process.


If you have any questions about the Designation, please contact the Duty Planner on 347 2868 or email

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