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Plan Changes

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The plan change process

A plan change involves  changes to an Operative District Plan. Council can initiate a plan  change or an individual can request a private plan change.
An outline of how the plan change process works is as follows:

  1. The council publicly notifies the plan change by putting a notice in the newspaper, on the council website and/or by sending directly affected parties information in the mail. Members of the public are then able to make a written submission to the council supporting or opposing the proposed plan change.
  2. The council prepares a summary of all submissions received and makes them publicly available on this page. Members of the public can then make further submissions that either supports or oppose an original submission.
  3. If any submitter asks to be heard in support of their written submission, the council holds a hearing to consider the submissions and hear any evidence that supports them.
  4. Council then makes a decision on submissions and evidence presented at the hearing, informs the submitters of the outcome in a letter and in a public notice in the newspaper.
  5. Appeals to the decisions can be lodged with the Environment Court within 30 working days. The proposed plan change becomes fully operative after the council has made its decision and all appeals, if there are any, have been resolved.

If you would like to request a private plan change, begin by speaking with the Duty Planner at Council's Headquarters in Rolleston, or speak to the Duty Planner phone (03) 347 2868 or email us at

Current Council Plan Changes:

Current Privately Requested Plan Changes:

Plan Change 54: Springfield Rural Outer Plains to Living 2

Operative Plan Changes

Once a proposed plan change has progressed through all the steps of the Resource Management Act process it can be made operative. That means the Plan Change becomes part of the District Plan.

Workers' Temporary Accommodation - Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) Section 27 Notice

Variation 30: Development Contributions

Plan Change 2: Living 1A6 Zone, Prebbleton

Plan Change 3: Living West Melton Zone, West Melton

Plan Change 4: Living 1 Zone, Liffey Springs, Lincoln

Plan Change 5: Izone Industrial Business Park, Rolleston

Plan Change 6: Lower Port Hills and Summit Road Protection Area

Plan Change 7: Growth of Townships, Urban Development and Rezoning of Land in Lincoln and Rolleston

Plan Change 8: Selwyn Plantation Board, Rural Residential L3 zone (Holmes Block)

Plan Change 9: Selwyn Plantation Board, Rural Residential L3 zone (Skellerup Block)

Plan Change 10: Izone Industrial Business Park, Business 2A Zone, Rolleston

Plan Change 11: Living 1B (Deferred) Zone Outline Development Plan, Rolleston

Plan Change 12: Integrated Transport Management

Plan Change 13: Miscellaneous Changes and Corrections to the District Plan

Plan Change 18: Protected Trees

Plan Change 21: Prebbleton Growth Management - Incorporated in the Land Use Recovery Plan (LURP)

Plan Change 23: Christchurch International Airport - Noise Contours

Plan Change 24: Silverstream Estates Ltd, Cardale Street, Darfield

Plan Change 25: Porter Ski Area

Plan Change 26: Rakaia Huts Wahi Taonga Management Areas and Sites

Plan Change 28: Denwood Trustees, proposed Rural Residential (Living 3) zone, Lincoln

Plan Change 29: Design of Development in Business 1 Zones

Plan Change 30: West Melton B1 Zone

Plan Change 34: Roxburgh Property Developers, proposed Rural Outer Plains Zone change to Living 1, High Street, Southbridge

Plan Change 36: Conifer Grove subdivision, Prebbleton

Plan Change 41: Shands and Trents Roads subdivision

Plan Change 42: Temporary Activities

Plan Change 43: Synlait Expansion

Plan Change 44: Dreamtime Limited, proposed Rural Residential (Living 3) zone, Rolleston

Plan Change 46: Living 2A, Bangor Road, Darfield

Plan Change 47 : 631 Shands Road, Prebbleton

Plan Change 48: Living 2, corner of Creyke Road and Telegraph Road, Darfield.

Plan Change 49: Rezoning from Rural Inner Plains to Living 3 (Rural Residential),  Corner Lincoln Tai Tapu and  Hauschilds Roads, Tai Tapu.

Plan Change 50: Fonterra Dairy Processing Management Area, Darfield.


Plan Change 17: Rural Residential Activities (Living 4 Zone)

Plan Change 31: Darfield Integration Plan

Plan Change 32: Rural Residential (Replaced by LURP Action 18)

Plan Change 39: Tree Shading

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