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Permit for a Container to be Placed on a Road

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Of the property where the container is going to be stored
Position in Road Reserve

Purpose and Conditions

Tell us why you want to place a container on the road side eg. Furniture removal

Duration of Container in Situ

Start Date

End Date

Obtain permission from neighbours
Verbal is sufficient. They will be the ones affected by the container
Safety Requirements

Container must not present a hazard to any other road or footpath user.
Container will be removed at the cost of the hirer if there is any inconvenience caused.
Container must be adequately marked during the hours of darkness.
(White marking and reflective markings are considered the minimum. Illumination may be required).

Containers must not be placed under power lines. Cranes/Hiabs must not work without confirming minimum safe distances as per NZECP34:2001
Contact Orion NZ Ltd before working near power lines at

Council reserves the right to ask for the container to be moved or relocated at any time on the grounds of safety, congestion and or amenity if these issues are raised in complaints to Selwyn District Council. Failure to comply with such a request may result in SDC undertaking the move or relocation at your expense. To be read in conjunction with the Selwyn District Council Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2009, Section 8.2.

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