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Using the Text Editor

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Some areas of our site encourage you to create content of your own, and provide a Text Editor for this purpose. This page outlines how to do some of the basic editing functions with this editor.

The editor is launched, where necessary, by clicking the little green table-like icon at the top left. This then opens the toolbar and the area for you to type your text, as shown below:
Editor when launched, showing sample text

Please note this is the same toolbar that is available internally to SDC web staff. Not all of the tools are able to be used externally by non-staff. Some of the more important tools you can use are:

Bold buttons

Bold, Italic, Underline (we recommend not using underline as it looks like a link but is not one)

Bullet and number lists buttons

Numbered list, and bullet list


Change colour of Text, and change colour of Background

Hyperlink buttons

Create hyperlink, and remove hyperlink

Spellcheck button

Spell-check the text you have entered

Styles drop-down selector for headings

Styles (heading style, or "normal" for regular text)

Changing text colour or adding a hyperlink launches a popup window with the options for those functions. Ensure your system allows popups. Highlight the text to change colour for, or to use as the linked text for a hyperlink, and click the appropriate button.

For text colour

The set colour window

Choose a colour from the boxes available. The system will put the code for that colour into the box. Click OK. If you know the RGB code for another colour you want to use, you can type it into the box, including the # symbol at the start.

For hyperlinks

The set hyperlink window

Although there is a lot to see on this window, the only area really required is the "Link" box at the very top, where you put the web address you are linking to. Please do not include "http://" as that is in the Protocol box before it and added there. So you should start with "www".

Optionally, you can set the Title of a link. This is the yellow popup box that comes up with the name of the link when a person hovers their mouse over it before clicking.

Also, if you want it to be a popup, leaving the person on the page they were on in the background, change "New Window" to "Yes".

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