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Relaxation Plus

We provide a relaxing nurturing Healing Touch therapy which offers the benefits of reducing stress and promoting relaxation and calm. All whilst you are fully clothed typically laying on a treatment table, also effective sitting or standing.
HOW A TREATMENT MAY BENEFIT YOU: - Increase your mental clarity and focus - Strengthen your immune system - Initiate the natural “relaxation response” in your body - Calm your stress, anxiety and or depression symptoms - Reduce your pain - Balance your emotions - Enhance your recovery from injury - Facilitate an increased sense of well being - Complement care for your neck and or back problems - Ease your acute and or chronic conditions - Support your cancer care during chemotherapy and radiation - Enhance your recovery from surgery - Support any physical, emotional, mental, and or spiritual transitions in your life such as changing jobs, moving, birth, marriage, divorce, graduation - Improve your quality of life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually All treatments are individually tailored to your needs using a variety of standardised Healing Touch techniques. All individual experiences will vary.

What Makes us different

Our Certified Healing Touch Practitioner uses a person centered approach recognising everyone is unique and focusing on you and your individual needs at the time. Works in harmony with and is complementary to standard medical care. Safe for all ages and stages of health.Medical research is continuously showing that Healing Touch can promote deep relaxation and assists the maintenance of general health and well-being as well as many other specific benefits. Most research is carried out in the Unites States.

Core Products and Services

Individually tailored relaxation treatments through the use of standardised Healing Touch techniques:Adults - 75 minute Initial Consultation and Treatment - 30 minute follow-up - 60 minute follow-up - 90 minute follow-upChildren (0-17 years) - 60 minute Initial Consultation and Treatment - 30 minute follow-up - 45 minute follow-up