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Broadfield Chaff Ltd, ta The Chaff Chaps

We supply chaff, which is primarily a horse feed. We offer Timothy, Lucerne, Meadow and Oaten chaffs. The Chaff Chaps was started in 2015 and came from the need to chaff cut wheat straw from my mushroom farm. We started with Timothy chaff, because we wanted to offer something no one else had. We have since expanded our range of chaff and you can now find our chaff in stores from Invercargill in the south to Waipapa in the north. Today we are a leading chaff supplier, known for our high quality low dust chaff

What Makes us different

We are the innovators in the chaff market. WE were the first to bring Timothy chaff back to the market. We are the only chaff supplier that batch codes each chaff so we know when it was cut and where the hay came from. In late 2019 we were the first in Australasia (maybe the world) to package all our chaff in paper bags. We are still the only chaff supplier in NZ using paper bags.

Core Products and Services

Our chaff are:Timothy ChaffLucerne ChaffMeadow ChaffOaten Chaff