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Best Mate Dog Training

We offer in-home, one-on-one dog training programmes that are designed to teach your dog to listen and behave even when they're distracted. We cover obedience that works even when they'd rather be doing something else (like chasing after other dogs), and behavioural training. We can fix problems like jumping up, pulling on the lead, barking, biting, and over-excitement around guests, or other dogs.

What Makes us different

Our dog training programmes are designed to set you and your dog up for life and transform your dog from driving you slightly crazy, to becoming a joy to have in your life. We have a unique, food-free training method that works even around everyday distractions like guests, other dogs, kids and cats.

Core Products and Services

In-home dog training programmes for obedience, manners and good behaviour both around home, and off-lead when out and about.