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The Herbal Garden

The Herbal Garden is my organic, permaculture garden in West Melton where I am growing culinary and medicinal herbs, along with vegetables, flowers and fruit in our orchard.

The herbs and flowers are used to make herbal teas and beautiful natural skin care which are ideal for all the family from the organic herbs grown in the garden.

I run garden tours and workshops where you can soak up the wonderful smells and perfumes of the herbs and flower garden and then learn about making teas, creams and balms.

What Makes us different

The garden is not a 'show garden' it's a working garden so helps people relate and and get idea that will work for their own garden. All the herbs grown in the garden are used for the skin care products and herbal teas which are made on the property, so all part of being sustainable and knowing what goes into every product.

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