Non-Store Retailing

Gough Agritech Ltd

Gough Agritech Ltd imports and distributes grain equipment nationwide, specialising in grain handling, grain storage and grain drying products.

What Makes us different

We use the equipment we sell on our own cropping farm so we have first-hand practical knowledge on such things as which items best suit which environment, which optional extras make all the difference to efficiency, etc.

Core Products and Services

The range include augers, grainbelts/conveyors, grainvacs, silos (hopper and flat bottom, large size range), grain trailers, graincarts/chaser bins, grain drying equipment, timber drive-on flooring, unloaders, stirrers, fans, humidity controllers and heaters. A new addition is Sentinel kitset steel buildings ex USA, ideal for housing on-floor grain drying systems. In the smaller items we have Grain Air Tubes which are an effective, non-powered form of silo aeration, and Never Spill Spouts which are "full silo" alarms (very loud) with a halogen light on the top that fits on your auger.

We Deliver!