Drylands Covenants within Selwyn

An open space covenant is a legally binding protection agreement that is registered on the title of the land. It is voluntary but once in place binds the current and all subsequent landowners. Each covenant is unique. It can apply to the whole property or just part of the property. There can be different management areas within a covenant with varying applicable conditions. Conditions can be stringent where rare or vulnerable natural features or habitats are being protected.

A positive outcome for biodiversity resulted from Selwyn District Council working with landowners to identify and protect indigenous vegetation, leading to one landowner covenanting with the QEII Trust.

Landowner Tricia Crumpton explains "We found out how rare this plant is during a Selwyn District Council biodiversity workshop. With the council’s help we are restoring the native vegetation and controlling exotic invaders. The covenants certainly look different from the surrounding manicured land."

Read and see more on the QEII Trust website.


Olearia adenocarpa. Photo: Ian Platt