Selwyn District is large, diverse and ecologically fascinating

It takes in a swathe of the eastern central South Island, from island-like Banks Peninsula and unique Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere, across the great Canterbury Plains, and through the foothills to the crest of the Main Divide.

It has a broad spectrum of ecological zones, reflected in the 16 ecological districts that cover it.

Natural Ecosystems and Biological Processes

The District’s natural ecosystems and biological processes are valuable in providing important basic services like erosion, flood and climate control, recycling of nutrients, filtering of contaminants, and capturing the sun's energy to form the basis of most food webs.


There are many projects happening on both private and public land to protect remaining areas and improve the habitat that they provide so that native plants and animals can survive in the long term.

These include:

The uniqueness of New Zealand's biodiversity means the responsibility for its continued existence is entirely up to each one of us, as individuals.