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Celebrating Selwyn’s Diversity

Selwyn has a history of people arriving from different places, which has accelerated in recent years bringing with it a richness of culture.

The district has been the fastest growing region in New Zealand as people from all over the country and the world have chosen to call Selwyn home.

From the first people settled around Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere 600-700 years ago, through the arrival of the first wave of Pākehā settlers in the mid-1800s and to today, each face comes with a unique and rich story that brings something new to the tapestry of who we are. Yet there are also common threads that cross the boundaries of our stories and connect us.

The Selwyn District Council and the University of Canterbury School of Journalism have drawn together stories of residents from new arrivals to those whose stories go back over a hundred years. Through these stories and those that are to come in the future we hope to celebrate the diversity of our district and the things we have in common as the many Faces of Selwyn.