Some of our community team are doing a series of stories on how they’re handling self-isolation and spending their days. We hope it will inspire you with some ideas and we’d love to hear your creative ways of spending your days.

Close up of a coffee cup, hand written recipe in notebook, pikelets, jam and butterIn this first story Council Community and Economic Advisor Amy Penketh discusses how she’s setting up a routine and staying connected with people.

What a strange feeling working in my slippers for the next four weeks. However, with change comes a new and interesting routine.

Routine and staying in-touch with people are important for me. Today I started my morning with a brisk walk instead of an hour drive to work. Then back to my “desk” to write a schedule for the day.

I break my day into sections; learning, exercising, work, family and friends and connecting. At 10am, I have a 15 minute work break. Today, I called my 82-year-old Granny to hear how she is and to hear her good old pikelet recipe. She finds the Aunt Daisy recipe book and flicks through it telling me how grandad and all his friends used to say how marvellous the pikelets were and she would always have to triple the recipe to cater!

As a kid every Sunday I would visit my grandparents farm and granny would always have these pikelets, made with the Aunt Daisy recipe, warm and ready for us to devour. Granny reminded me of this and we had a laugh. She said, “I’ll call you tomorrow to hear how the pikelets were.”

Aunt Daisy’s Pikelets:

1tsp baking soda
4 heaped tbsp flour
2tsp cream of tartar
1 egg
Pinch of salt
2 tbsp sugar
Milk – enough milk to make a nice batter

Sift dry ingredients together then add the egg and enough milk to make a nice batter. Add 1 tbsp melted butter. Mix, then let it stand in a bowl for 30 minutes. You’ll see it bubble on the top which means it will be nice and fluffy. Cook in pan on the stove.. Granny uses her mum’s girdle (if you have one, these are best!). Pikelets can be served on their own, with jam, butter and cream. Enjoy!