A young family, dad, baby in a pram, mum and a black labrador on a walk

Some of our community team are putting together a series of stories on how Selwyn residents are handling self-isolation and spending their days. We hope it will inspire you with some ideas and we’d love to hear your creative ways of spending your days.

For Rolleston resident and new mother, Ashleigh McKenna, the lockdown has provided some opportunities for completing odd jobs and falling in love with walking the dog again.

Ashleigh and her partner Jason continue their routine of waking up early to feed the baby, walking their black Labrador Izzy at lunch time and putting baby Ava to sleep at 6pm, but there is now time to get odd jobs done around the house they would usually put off doing.

“We moved into this house end of last year, so there’s landscaping outside that we’ve had to do and final touches on the house. It’s been good putting shelves up and tidying the garage.”

Ashleigh admits it is nice having her partner home to spend more time with their 18 week old baby and lend a hand. Activities like walking the dog would normally feel like a chore,  but for Ashleigh these activities during lockdown have become more enjoyable. “I guess maybe the things you took for granted, you look forward to. The one thing we look forward to every day is getting out and going for a walk.”

When asked what it is like being a new mother during lockdown, Ashleigh said she is more worried and extra cautious when shopping at the supermarket. “If it was just me and my partner I don’t think I’d worry so much. I think having her adds an element to it, I’m just that little bit more scared she could get sick and something could happen.”

Waking up early for the baby has helped Ashleigh keep to a good routine and be more productive, rather than sleeping in. Keeping a routine makes time go a bit faster and makes you appreciate tasks like long walks down country roads with your tailwagging face-licking companion, she says