Community Education

Dementia Canterbury Charitable Trust

Research shows that the 'treatment' of dementia should be one of 'care rather than cure', with person-centered, purposeful, stimulating experiences and activities that offer hope and means to maximise quality of life. Dementia Canterbury provides free person-centered services for people diagnosed with a dementia and their families.
Our aim is to support people to continue to lead fulfilling lives after a dementia-diagnosis, to raise community awareness and break down barriers associated with all dementias and work towards a dementia-friendly and responsive community, one where people living with dementia feel safe and confident to participate in activities in the community.

Main activities and services

Our services are accessible to anyone with a dementia diagnosis still residing in the community and their family/ whanau and care-partner. Our Social Work service is an integral part of the support offered by Dementia Canterbury to people diagnosed with dementia and their families/whānau. One of our social workers can arrange to meet you and/or your family/whānau at your home or at the Dementia Canterbury office to discuss your situation, including any concerns and needs you may have. Social work support enables you to access information, educational courses and materials and services from Dementia Canterbury and the wider community. Based on your choices and unique situation, a social worker will advocate on your behalf when necessary and will assist you in coping with change, in order to achieve the best outcome possible. Referrals for social work support can come via your GP, the Memory Assessment Clinic, Psychiatric Services for the Elderly and any other service within the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) by completing the referral form. You may also self-refer in order to access social work support by speaking to a duty social worker at the Dementia Canterbury office 033792590 Our services include: Dementia Support Services West Coast Dementia Support Services Social Work Support Services for People with Dementia Services for Carers/Family Community Cafés