Environment and Animal Protection

Lincoln Envirotown Trust

We run a number of projects, events and initiatives to promote sustainable communities in the Selwyn District. These include the Responsible Business Network, working with businesses to achieve the highest level of sustainable business practices. The Lincoln Community Garden is open to all, and runs a number of workshops throughout the year. The restoration of the Mahoe Reserve is another of our important projects. The Selwyn Timebank helps to strengthen our communities by creating opportunities for people to meet and pool their resources and skills. Predator Free Selwyn includes a monthly trap library and trapping at local reserves. We provide resources, speakers and run several events such as Kim Hill Hot Topic, Environmental Film Competition and school holiday programmes.

Main activities and services

Lincoln Community Gardens Mahoe Native Reserve Responsible Business Network Selwyn Timebank Selwyn Trap Library Events including: Documentaries, Speakers, Repair Cafes, Clothes Swaps, Selwyn Short Film Competition, Liffey Clean Up and Water Testing for KNZB and KidsFest Holiday Activity.

Additional Information

Objectives of Lincoln Envirotown Trust are the long-term environmental sustainability of the Selwyn District, ensuring social, cultural and economic sustainability. To educate the Community in the achievability of biodiversity and environmental sustainability issues. To promote environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability in the Selwyn District. To provide opportunities for personal and community education and decision-making. To act as a role-model for other communities desiring to progress towards environmental sustainability.