Environment and Animal Protection

Arthur's Pass Wildlife Trust

The Arthur's Pass Wildlife Trust is a non-profit volunteer organisation. It was originally founded by the Arthur's Pass Community in late 2005 as the "Arthur's Pass Kiwi Recovery Project". In 2010 the Trust was established and broadened its mission to protect the entire eco-system of the Bealey Valley in Arthur's Pass National Park.

Main activities and services

It's all about removing introduced predators and weeds from the local environment. To this end the Trust maintains over 1500 traps that capture stoats, weasels and rats, we also capture feral cats from time to time. We also work with volunteers to remove the invasive weeds that are taking over the riverbeds, that in turn provide shelter for predators. Its a never ending battle...

Additional Information

What you can do? There are many things individuals, clubs and schools can do to help the Trust achieve its aims... Volunteer to maintain a trapline, survey tracking tunnels, assist with bird surveys, help with weed removal, sponsor a new trapline, raise funds for the Trust so it can continue its work, report weed infestations or feral animals that you see while out & about in Arthur's Pass National Park, report your wildlife encounters in the park - Blue Duck (Whio), Kiwi, Weka, Rock Wren etc