Environment and Animal Protection

Mahoe Reserve

The Mahoe Reserve project was started in 2002 by year 9 students at Lincoln High School (LHS). Planting began in 2003 and has continued annually by students, staff, and Lincoln Community members. The aim is to restore native vegetation to the native scrub and woodland that was originally prevalent in the Lincoln area.
Time and money has been donated by many local people and businesses as well as local and national organisations. It is now supported by the Selwyn District Council with a Management Committee of locals that oversees the voluntary activities

Additional Information

History Lincoln including cabbage trees, tutu, and toe toe, flax, raupo, kahikatea, matai, and totara, ake ake, Township and the Selwyn District as we know them were once covered in scrub, woodlands and forest vegetation and various sedges. The presence of shingle at Mahoe Reserve confirms that as recently as a thousand years ago the Waimakariri River flowed through this area. All was to change around 700 years ago as fires destroyed the vegetation, followed by the introduction of agriculture and permanent settlements 150 years ago. This brought felling of native trees and the drainage of natural wetlands. The area was then used as an illegal rubbish dump. A firebox of an old traction engine has been left on the bank near the road. It may date from the early 1900’s and could have been used during the extraction process of the shingle used on roads and the railway.