Social Service Provider

Comcare Trust – covering the Selwyn District

A Community Mental Health Support Worker provides a broad range of support work to individuals experiencing mental illness. This is developed though personalised planning based on a holistic view of the whole person. Our focus is to provide support and assistance to people on their recovery journey.

Main activities and services

Support can include helping the person to: - gain independence - develop skills towards maintaining wellness and managing unwellness - assistance to connect with long term sustainable resources and supports in the community Areas of support can include but not limited to: financial management, connecting to groups and activities, relationship building, having an active life, employment, home routines and parenting.

Additional Information

Referrals can be made by GP's or a Specialist Mental Health Service. Criteria: - must have a Mental Illness diagnosis - be 18 years or older Referrals can be made via Comcare Trust website: