Social Service Provider

PIPS Pregnancy Infancy Parenting Support

PIPS began as Pregnancy Help Canterbury in 1976, providing free, confidential, non-judgemental support and practical assistance to families – one of a number of branches of the national organisation and has since ceased affiliation due to a number of changes in the charity sector.

What is unique is our open door policy that builds connection and community – our ‘drop-in’ approach lets all people who are pregnant and/or parenting including mothers, fathers, grandparents and others, access free services that are independent of church or government, and support people to make the decisions that are right for them and their families. Pregnancy and parenting in the early years can be a time of significant stress and anxiety. Our clients have a range of needs – some have very few options for support, some lack resources and knowledge, some have left their families overseas, and some just need time with other parents to talk, build their confidence, and share their fears and challenges.

We are proud of our long history of serving families in Christchurch, our fabulous staff, our amazing volunteers, and the important role we play in the community.

Main activities and services

All of our services are Free: Our practical support offered is (but goes beyond this depending on donations): Gifted equipment such as baby baths, baby gates, breast pumps, cots, bouncers, etc. Loaned equipment such as prams, baby capsule car seats, bassinets, etc. Gifted baby clothing newborn up to 2, bedding, cloth and disposable nappies, maternity clothing, and more. Other services include: Emotional Support on a range of perinatal topics from breast feeding support, finding a midwife, processing birth trauma, coping with postnatal adjustment and more. Car Seat Technician to check car seat installation Regular free courses such as Red Cross Infant/Child Choking & CPR We are currently developing programmes to bring our services westward to better meet the needs of our West Christchurch and Selwyn residents.