Sport and Recreation

Kung Fu & Tai Chi

Chans Martial Arts was founded in 1975. The system Shao Chi Chuan is a complete, stress-free, self-defence system that is both effective and easy to learn.

Our organisation is one of the largest and most reputable in New Zealand and has a strong network of centres throughout the country and has links with many top masters world-wide.

Lincoln Branch was opened in 1988

Main activities and services

Our system deploys bio mechanically sound self defence techniques and psychologically positive teaching methods. This results in the elimination of excessive physical and mental stress which is omnipresent in many conventional martial arts. We have a friendly and relaxed environment for training and there are often interesting social activities organised. We also pride ourselves on being family friendly

Additional Information

I also run a Tai Chi class. Tai Chi Chuan is practiced for health and self-defence, following the rich history and tradition. Sing Ong Tai Chi is a great way to relax and do your daily exercise. It maintains good health and youthfulness. It's easy on the joints and can be adapted to suit any level of fitness and ability.