More than 100 Selwyn community members were recognised for their selfless acts of kindness and professionalism during the COVID-19 lockdown.

A special ceremony was held at the Selwyn District Council on 26 August 2020 to recognise those who received ‘Selwyn’s Covid Heroes’ awards..

The Council partnered with Te Taumutu Rūnanga and the Selwyn Times to invite the public to nominate their Covid Heroes in response to the overwhelming number of stories about individuals, companies, charities and essential service workers going the extra mile to help their local communities.

“It was important for us to recognise the amazing work in our communities,” said Mayor Sam Broughton. “The people of Selwyn really had each other’s backs – and we wanted to give people the chance to say a public thank you to the person shop, school, or organisation that made a difference for them.”

The Mayor, along with Liz Brown, Te Taumutu Chairperson and Barry Clarke, Selwyn Times editor, presented certificates to five notable nominations at the Council ceremony. All of the nominated individuals and organisations will receive a certificate.

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Full list of award recipients:

Tania Toohey, nominated by Lizzie Daly.
Tania, or Mrs Toohey as she's known to my daughter, is an incredible teacher. During lockdown, she went above and beyond to engage with the students she teaches to provide them with connection, meaningful learning and many fun, inspiring and creative videos. Mrs Toohey's humour, positivity, feedback and engagement with my daughter made the stress of lockdown so much less, and my daughter excelled in her learning despite the challenges of being away from the classroom. Mrs Toohey is certainly a lockdown hero, for the effort, energy, commitment and care she showed for her students during lockdown.

Cara Carser and Chris Quinn - HB13, nominated by Lizzie Daly.
Mrs Carser and Mrs Quinn are wonderful teachers who team teach Homebase 13 at Clearview Primary School. They supported my eight year old daughter throughout lockdown, along with the other students in their class. They put in considerable effort and energy into keeping learning practical, meaningful and engaging, and provided regular opportunities for the class to connect and interact together. They provided wonderful enrichment activities for extension and for creativity to flourish, and provided regular feedback to their students. On the return to school, they went above and beyond to create a safe environment in their classroom to make the transition back to school much easier and to provide students with resilience strategies to manage any worries or anxieties they had.

Stuart and Grace Duxfield, nominated by Lizzie Daly.
Stuart and Grace are very active in the Selwyn area, in their roles as officers for the Salvation Army. During lockdown, they provided support to many. Stuart in particular, drove significant distances to deliver food parcels to families in need. They both provided listening ears to those who needed it, and physical and emotional support throughout this time period.

Meals on Wheels Volunteers Darfield, nominated by Betty Green.
During this difficult time of lockdown, meals were continually delivered to our elderly people in Darfield.
The volunteers themselves are all over 70 so in doing so went over and above their duties to continue this valuable service. They found it hard not being able to go into the homes of the elderly and have a chat but instead gave a toot and a wave to ensure people were ok.

New World Lincoln, nominated by Sam Larsen.
Yes they had to open and work but the attitude from everyone there was amazing. Always happy always smiling and coming thru for the community while having to deal with their own issues and the increased risk of them becoming infected.

Lincoln New World, nominated by Sandra Poff.
The Lincoln New World management and staff were absolute heroes during the lock down. Staff worked tirelessly to ensure the shop was open and supplies in place. This was the only supermarket I felt safe in. Staff cleaned trolleys, wore masks and actually did a fantastic job. The provided to a high level, for the Lincoln and wider community. Well done Lincoln New World.

Helen and Kyle Burnett, nominated by Glynis Dodson.
Toilet paper and then food became priority items in NZ when Covid hit.
The panic that did have some basis - we saw from overseas what was likely to happen here in NZ, minute-by-minute media updates all fuelled panic on top of Canterbury's raw experience of the earthquakes, meant that supermarkets were under siege. With two young adults on this team, I saw their drawn faces and tears at times recognising that they were taking a pounding from the public.
Helen and Kyle put great systems into place to keep them safe - colourful masks and gloves, plastic shields at the counters as well as aisle dividers. The creation of teams created a support network as well as a way to manage should someone develop covid. As far as helping the public - there was an awareness of essential workers and a waving forward or a tap on the window to prompt us to go forward when we were self-conscious and felt terrible ‘pushing in’. The marquee being set up to provide shelter for people waiting when the weather could have been bad, the counting to manage numbers, the dispensing of hand sanitiser and the cleaning of the trolleys (however boring it must have been for the staff) was great. The staff were always welcoming - even if this was only seen in the crinkles around eyes when they had masks on.
Lincoln New World led by Helen and Kyle, were and continue to be amazing and it would be great if this could be acknowledged.

Manu Rangimoekau and Paul Talbot, nominated by Morwenna Herewini.
Hello my name is Morwenna Herewini and I would like to nominate two amazing men who I consider Covid-19 heroes. I have been working for Suburban Eatery for over a year now and have experienced just how loving and caring Manu and Paul have been over the COVID-19 period even though they had their own struggles gave to the all our elderly in our community lunch packs to show that they are still thought of threw the tough times.
Manu and Paul also supplied lunches for essential workers throughout COVID-19 countless hours spent making sure everyone had lunch packs every day to get them though, Westpac Rescue, Red Cross and more.
They made sure they were open ready to supply essential workers hot coffee and food throughout the day.
And last but not least, Mother's Day during covid, Manu and Paul made available Mother's Day gift packs for people to purchase knowing how challenging it was for most people to get.
These two go beyond to help others and that is why I feel they deserve this.
Thank-you, Morwenna Herewini

Paul and Manu, nominated by Lynne Lowery.
My mother in law at 92 years old used to go into Suburban Eatery Shop in Leeston once a week for a lunch treat and a smile and hug from the guys. I requested a treat lunch for her once a week when she had to be in lockdown. The guys Paul and Manu would not take from her and made a special delivery every week to her door, with a brown parcel and on it a smiley face and signed. Every week she looked forward to her smile which continued til she could get out and back down there herself. They then contacted me wanting to do something for our Ellesmere Senior Citizens as well as a one off lunch treat. This was organised and they carried it out to over 40 members delivering each one through their shop which delighted every one of them and gave a smile through a stressful time for our oldies. The kindness, professionalism, real caring people who genuinely care for our district’s people deserve our recognition of thanks from us all.

The Suburban Eatery, nominated by Lynette Wilson.
The Suburban Eatery were very helpful during the lock-down with holes in the door for clients able to purchase coffees and foods, always welcoming.
They also sent out to around 40 members of the Leeston Senior Citizens a very enjoyable meal at their own cost.
This was very much appreciated during the lock-down, which was a very stressful time for elderly folk.
Thanking you.

Suburban Eatery nominated by Many Winchester.
When the café was able to be opened they contacted Ellesmere Senior Citizens for names of all their members and they personally delivered a food package to them.

Rolleston Rotary Club, nominated by Lizzie Daly.
During lockdown, Rolleston Rotary worked with other local agencies such as the Salvation Army - Generation House, to support local families in need. They applied for funding to provide vouchers for groceries for families in need, and delivered them during lockdown - over $10k of vouchers were delivered in the Selwyn Area.

Darfield Hospital Staff, nominated by Leanne Davie.
Darfield Hospital staff provided wonderful care and stepped in to support the patients that they had as inpatients when lock down occurred. Family members were unable to visit at this time and the staff ensured that electronic devices were available for the patients to have face to face contact with their family and friends. The hospital staff made sure that Mother’s day was special with a High Tea - including the men folk as well; they made special Easter gifts for the patients so they didn't miss out. Each day was a new day with lots to look forward to.
Managing the facility I am forever grateful for the care and the compassion that the staff - from the Registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Kitchen staff, Activities staff and the Gardener showed to the patients, their families and each other over this time.

Steve Talbot - Pastor of Hope Presbyterian Rolleston, nominated by Glynis Dodson.
The 15 March 2020 church service was an annual combined service for Hornby, Rolleston, West Melton and Halkett in the Event Centre in Lincoln. Little did we know this was going to be the last time we could attend church for several months.
Steve Talbot was part of heading a large team of creative people who meant that if we couldn't get to church then we could do ‘church at home’ wearing our slippers, sitting in lazyboys or bean bags and enjoying a coffee. The first two were live streamed and following that through the talents of many IT people, hundreds of people contributed throughout the weeks of lockdown and it was put together to create a church service and we were able to connect in with whichever site we belonged to. Zoom small groups were established to maintain a sense of support and connectedness. Staff and leaders were available for pastoral care as we all went through crises - life, death, traumas as well as deep fatigue for essential workers along with wondering what the future held for people’s employment, carried on during this time. Video inspirations from Steve and Tara and their sons from their lounge, front lawn, paddock over the fence were real and hugely encouraging. Facebook posts and check in emails meant that no-one did lockdown in spiritual isolation. No group was missed - parents of young children, the over 70s, those working, tweens and teens, young adults were all cared for and about. Wrestling with the question of ‘where is God in this’ was never avoided but thoughtfully considered and wisely responded to as people’s faith was challenged - sometimes shaken but ultimately made stronger. The value of spiritual support when these tough times came was huge - please could this be acknowledged.
Thank you.

Jane Potts, nominated by Rob Potts.
Jane Potts is a St John Volunteer Ambulance Officer. She attended many ambulance call outs through all levels of Covid-19 Lockdown at all times of day and night. This was unpaid. This required her to leave her safe bubble and enter other's bubbles to save their life.

Rolleston Central Health, nominated by Glynis Dodson.
Late January we became increasingly aware of a looming health issue so I asked the team to consider if NZ/Canterbury had people with coronavirus, would they be willing to work with them - knowing we were seeing very frightening footage from China. This was done at the same time as updating staff NOK details and asking them to discuss this with family as I could not 100% guarantee safety even with PPE - not one staff member said no even if families were fearful for their parent. When it did hit NZ, everyone stepped forward, recognising that this could mean than one or more of us may not survive this event - again based on what we were seeing overseas. In the first week we had 1000s of phone calls taking 3 receptionists and 5 nurses on the phones each day to manage. As a team we adapted our whole way of working, phone and video consults, reassurance and check-in phone calls for our over 70s and flu vaccinations in the carpark. We wore PPE (masks and visors) that meant we had headaches within an hour of starting the day and poured sweat when wearing non-breathable gowns and figured out how to do 1-2m spacing the best we could in a health context ... but do you know what - we did it and it will be a career memory (good and bad memories) but one we feel a sense of pride being part of. Each member of the team is an absolute hero (I think they are sick of me saying how proud I am of them all!) and I would love this acknowledged. Annie Kennett, our cleaner rates a special mention - every day she cleaned and bleached, cleaned and bleached and then cleaned and bleached some more, to keep us safe and every now and again we arrived in the morning to fresh baking she had made for us.

Dr Jamie Schwass & Nishi Joseph, nominated by Lorelei Ufton.
Jamie and his wife helped stimulate business income for Selwyn Businesses, by paying for people's coffees, he also helped businesses in Tennyson Street affected by Covid and Road Works by giving vouchers to people dining at the restaurants to use, and vouchers to Liquorland. He held an event for any child who had a birthday over lockdown and recently held a market in Lincoln to stimulate the local economy. He recently won Seven Sharp's Good as Gold award, but absolutely is a Selwyn Hero along with his wife. This was all out of his own pocket also.

Jamie Schwass, nominated by Nicola Wilson.
What Jamie has done for families and local businesses is amazing, from putting on post lockdown birthday party for kids that missed out because of lockdown to putting tabs on at local cafe and take ways stores to help people start spending local again.
Jamie was the winner of the ASB Good as Gold award and is definitely well deserved.

Jamie, nominated by Mary.
Jamie was a huge supporter of local business and ran several local community events to drive people to support local!

Dr Jamie at Eden Chiropractic, nominated by Tegan.
Absolute legend put tabs on lots of local businesses from level 2 onwards. Would post on his Facebook page each day with a new location. Sole purpose was to keep these business in business and karma. A lovely soul.

Jamie Schwass Eden Chiropractic, nominated by Meg N.
- Lockdown shouts of money tabs for surrounding Selwyn businesses from his personal finances.
- Hosting a birthday party for all children who had a birthday during lockdown but missed out on the party.
Need I say more? Selfless, community-based.

Kathryn and Brendan Doherty, nominated by Janice Buckingham.
My daughter and son in law looked after us the whole time by doing our shopping and anything we needed as we were unable to go out and that was a fact that deserves rewarding as there was no one else to do it for us.

Julia Roberts, nominated by Firangiz Radcliffe.
Through the lockdown, Julia ran a free ‘Marketing Clinic’ on Facebook, which was a series of live webinars on tools for maximising the efficiency of marketing and PR strategy that small businesses can implement. It was a huge value for the local business owners that gave them food for thought, a direction for improvement and strategy for the future, to bounce back from the crisis stronger, and to serve the customers better. I believe Julia's time and generosity in sharing her knowledge deserves recognition.

Bus Drivers John Patterson and Anin, nominated by Barry Parker.
The professional, kind, courteous, sensitive manner which was displayed by these drivers during this difficult time. The 820 Lincoln to Burnham bus.

Margaret Cross - Gas Hororata, nominated by Cindy Driscoll.
Margaret looked after the community and stocked with essentials during lockdown by keeping Hororata Motors open. This was a great service especially for the elderly who didn't want to travel too far. Even though her husband was very ill in hospital she was 100% committed to serving our community.

Lincoln Village Vets, nominated by Sue Bruning.
During lockdown they provided the best service for our pets. They remained calm and the business operation ran smoothly and very safely. The vets and their nurses are kind, caring and compassionate towards owners and their animals. They have their own families to care for too but were always there for the community.

Raewyn Feast, Chair, Malvern Health & Community Welfare Trust, nominated by Ian Warren.
Raewyn as chair of the Malvern Health & Community Welfare Trust set up a meeting in Darfield of representatives of local organisations and businesses who could assist in the local response to Covid 19. This led to assistance with groceries at the Four Square both organising and delivering, the arrangements for medical help and the procurement of medicine, and the identification of people who needed help. This was then advertised through funding by the Health Trust.

Raewyn Feast, nominated by Steph Kimber.
Raewyn was brilliant at stitching everything together in our area (Darfield). I am sure she will have been nominated by someone else but don't want her to be missed.

Selwyn Midwives, nominated by Helen Wells.
Vanessa and her team at Selwyn Midwives continued their normal care of providing outstanding maternity care for the women and whanau of Selwyn. They adjusted amazingly to the continually changing landscape of care during a pandemic. I think the women felt reassured that although the world around them was changing, that their expected level of care hadn't. Vanessa and her team were a calming and cheerful influence in a chaotic world. They're my heroes.

Maddy Guy from VetENT Lincoln, nominated by Monique Burrett.
From my family to the team at VetENT we class you as our heroes for looking after Indi and all the other furbabies during lockdown. We are extremely grateful to have an amazing vet who really looks after our animals and to give them the treatments and vaccines the needed during covid. If it wasn’t for you all during lockdown Indi wouldn't be the healthy girl is she today. You all do an incredible job with caring for our animals and making the vet not a scary place. Thank you to Maddy for always giving us the best advice and giving Indi lots of love!!! We appreciate you SO much, because you're amazing!

Keri Conrad, nominated by Susanna Tully.
In lock down Mrs Conrad was my zoom teacher. Instead of doing boring lessons she made us all
laugh by giving us funny and interesting tasks. We all had to make a space hat and wear it. I think she must have worked very hard making all those lessons. She is a covid Hero.

Countdown Rolleston, nominated by Sheila Kibar.
During lockdown Countdown Rolleston provided a wonderfully efficient home delivery service for online grocery shopping. They also allocated delivery slots for the older age group. This made lockdown and isolation very easy for us as we did not need to inconvenience family members or worry about grocery shopping.
I would therefore like to nominate them as our Covid Heroes.Shotgun - Kyle and Jordy, nominated by Kate Hawes.
Kyle and Jordy showed great community spirit bringing people together at a safe distance playing awesome music in their driveway for their neighbours and community to enjoy.

Jill Stevenson, nominated by Raewyn Feast.
Jill was our coordinator for prescribed medications delivered to the vulnerable groups in the Malvern Area. She organised a group of volunteers to each day pick up the medications from the local Pharmacy and drive to the homes of persons who were in isolation. This isolation maybe due to having arrived from overseas and had to remain in isolation for fourteen days and therefore not able to collect their medications. In addition deliveries were made to those folk identified as being vulnerable to Covid-19 infection included those with health issues and the older age residents. These residents were advised to stay at home during Alert level four and Alert level three.
Jill set up the very efficient collection/delivery system with the pharmacist and also took her turn to deliver the medications. This covered the area from Kirwee to Hororata and Springfield and the area in between.
Jill gave of her time without fanfare and without hesitation. We are thankful to her for her great organisation skills and taking this responsibility on.

Selwyn Civil Defence Response Team, nominated by Becky Ellis.
The SRT mobilized 2 days into level 4 when Greg (team leader) took over the dining room table, and set up SRT Virtual HQ. These guys are all volunteers. They went out and did any and every task that came their way. They left their families and went out into the big bad world, when it was a pretty scary place. Nothing was too big or too small. They did camp ground checks, supply runs, food drops, supported tourists in camp grounds, homeless people ...... and more.

Carol Guerney, nominated by Steph Kimber.
Carol helped with food delivery to the 70+ and vulnerable in our area.
Carol may well have been nominated by someone else (just a wee heads up there).
Thanks and regards.

Roderick Air, nominated by Yen San Lee.
Rod has contacted the Selwyn District Council mayor for permission to use the Selwyn area libraries 3D printers. This allow face shields to be printed and get distributed to medical centres, pharmacies, midwives, dentist etc. Not only does the Selwyn health providers get supplied but some Christchurch providers who were in need get provided as well.

Steph Neutze, nominated by Steph Kimber.
Steph assisted me with sanitising at the Darfield Four Square.

Rachael Inch, nominated by Sophie McInnes.
As lockdown became a very real possibility, Rach contacted all the practising artists known to her via Selwyn Creative Network and set up a Facebook group to help them all communicate about how to maintain some kind of income during Alert 4 and beyond. This was an essential support service for those who rely financially on exhibitions, events, classes and so on, which were obviously impossible during lockdown. She also helped those eligible for Creative NZ funding to apply for grants, promoted anyone who set up online tutorials, invited everyone to zui to chat about how they were all doing, and so on.
Rach was also passionate about the recognition that our arts sector needs for keeping people entertained during lockdown, particularly those involved in creating the tv series we binge-watched, movies we love, books we read, and of course the music we listen to.
In addition to all this, Rach is also a volunteer with Two Rivers Community Trust, who had their work cut out for them with welfare support. And farms with her husband. And was parenting/schooling her sons. I don't know where she found enough hours in the day for this, and she certainly didn't get paid for much of it. That is why Rach Inch is a Covid hero :)

Rachael Inch, nominated by Raewyn Feast.
Rachael was the coordinator of information for the Malvern Response Covid-19 group. Using her IT skills, Rachael documented information and lists of volunteers and vulnerable residents in the Malvern area. In addition Rachael assimilated information on to the various community facebook pages giving residents valuable up to date information and details on who to contact if requiring assistance. This information was updated regularly. In addition Rachael helped with posters that were placed around the community giving residents valuable information with details of where they could get help. Rachael also helped with the food bank giving those in need food parcels
We are very grateful and very much appreciated Rachael's expertise in IT and computer skills that helped us get information out to the wider Malvern Community.

Lynda Milner, nominated by Steph Kimber.
Lynda assisted me with sanitising at the Darfield Four Square.

Stephanie Kimber, nominated by Raewyn Feast.
Steph was our coordinator for grocery deliveries to the vulnerable residents in the Malvern Area. She organised a system with the volunteers to pick up groceries and deliver to the door of residents who either because of their age or health conditions prevented them from leaving their homes to grocery shop.
Steph helped organise volunteers to assist the staff of the local Four Square store in welcoming customers, showing here they could sanitise their hands before shopping and cleaning down of trolleys. Also Steph organised volunteers to pack grocery orders ready for delivery.
We are very grateful to Steph for taking on this role and using her organisational skills to ensure smooth delivery of groceries to those in most need. Having the volunteers in the store in particular at Alert level 4 helped keep customers and staff calm in what was a stressful time.
The Community Hub Stream of the Trust did an amazing job of ensuring extra needs were met through the Food Bank - securing donations, funds, & safely distributing food parcels safely & contactlessly, while also maintaining high standards of care.
A phone tree of volunteers was established for elderly/vulnerable/those on their own during lockdown ensuring they were supported. Advice & guidance clearly given to volunteers. Help was provided collecting prescriptions & other needs, with a well-coordinated collaboration of key people working together effectively in Darfield for the Malvern area.

Chris Leggett - Unichem West Melton Pharmacy, nominated by Elma Frijters.
Chris and all of the team at Unichem West Melton Pharmacy have done an amazing job, prescriptions, home deliveries, flu jabs in the car park and so much more. On top of that Chris managed to send out a daily update on their Facebook page to keep the community informed. Thank you!!

The Cat's Pyjamas Preschool & Nursery - West Melton, nominated by Sebastian Jolly.
The owners and the teachers did an amazing job during the days before Level 4 and open their doors back on Level 3 (for essentials) and created a Facebook groups of teachers could read stories, sing songs and sent personal video message to the kids.

Judith Pascoe, nominated by Steph Kimber.
Judith assisted me with sanitising at the Darfield Four Square.

House 8 Brackenridge Estate, nominated by Maxine Blackler.
House 8 is a residential facility with 4 special needs ladies that have a set routine and deviating from routine causes major behavioural upsets. The staff at the house managed to keep the ladies entertained and calm during the entire time when they were unable to see their families in person or attend their regular attendance. Even the weekly coffee and cake session was undertaken in the house so there was no changes. They operated on most of level 4 with only minimal staffing as illness and healthcare requirements to protect the clients meant they were unable to bring on relieving staff. They did a wonderful and selfless job during the time to ensure their ladies were protected and happy even through it meant extremely long hours with no cover available.

Lyn Sopoaga, nominated by Steph Kimber.
Lyn assisted me with sanitising at the Darfield Four Square.

June McLachlan, nominated by Lynne Lowery.
June organised donations of food, and produce of people she knew friends family and facebook. She then got her own daffodil stand going on the main Southbridge road and advertised on facebook pages and told people of her donation cart, which had small donations and any proceeds went to another local support community based club/the Ellesmere food bank and EEC Community Care Organisation which she is highly involved with as a volunteer running this group as well. June when this cart was up and running for locals to visit, she then also organised a swap a book to go along for the lockdown period, this was free to users who stopped by. In the back ground June was out picking broccoli from a donation of a grower, picking up pinecones chopping kindling, bagging up and collecting produce and food for the stall. She kept very busy and became our local hero and we loved everything and bit of effort she put into it, and would love for her efforts of help to our community through a recognition from us her community to say thanks for being there for us all.

Rev Susan Baldwin & Philip Baldwin, nominated by Steph Kimber.
Susan and Philip assisted me with sanitising at the Darfield Four Square.

Allen Marvin Carbon, nominated by Maria Carbon.
Just when NZ began the lock down in March, Allen didn't waste his time and soon started helping those in isolation who have immediate needs by doing their groceries, pharmacy and other errands that required pick up and deliveries, on his own, all for free and not expecting anything in return.
He continued volunteering up until one night in April when he was doing isolation errand that he had an accident that resulted to his car being written-off. He was wearing his mask that time and he lost consciousness and smashed an empty car. Nobody was hurt, thank God, but he was devastated because insurance took longer to process to replace his car, given the current situation we have.
Other community service he does that I think is commendable are, he donates his blood every year to NZ Blood Service and works for Voice of the Martyrs doing mission works in the Philippines and South America.
Allen has a big heart. Helping people is part of his DNA. He always considers the needs of others first before himself. Above all, he loves God and people. I'm proud to be called his mother. In my eyes, he's a true hero.

Holly Caunter, nominated by Steph Kimber.
Holly assisted me with sanitising at the Darfield Four Square.

Nikki Ross, nominated by Anaru Ross.
Nikki is employed by St John Ambulance - during lock down she was working fulltime in a dual role as the Health and Wellbeing Advisor for St john, she checked on every single staff member at St John that was possibly exposed to Covid and also any staff member that was unwell to assist with scouring health care, swabbing and support - sometimes working late in the night to help find alternative accommodation if the person had vulnerable people at home.
As a number of Ambulance staff were unable to work due to this she was also working in her role as an Ambulance Officer from Rolleston Station to help ensure the Ambulance was well staffed over the lock down time and other staff could take days off if needed.
On top of this she home schooled her son who attends Lincoln High.
Her actions benefited not only the entire Selwyn community by ensuring a safe and healthy workforce was available for people needing an Ambulance or support, she has made a huge contribution to her community working many hours outside of her working week to ensure the wellness of the St John Team in order to keep on caring for our wonderful Selwyn Community.

St John Rolleston, nominated by Nikki Ross.
The entire team at St John Rolleston deserve recognition for the amazing contribution they made to the wider Selwyn Community during the Covid Crisis. The Team continued to provide excellent care and response to any emergency call during this time - the use of hot and cumbersome personal protective equipment adding to the already challenging environment they face day to day in their roles added to the challenge. Along with ensuring their own personal safety - every patient was responded to rapidly and professionally.
The Ambulance team was fully staffed 24/7 with many volunteer staff working with St John Rolleston during this time and staff from other areas of St John volunteering their time to assist the paid team to provide a 24/7 service in Selwyn.
Their contribution was enormous and they are often our unsung heroes - putting their own health at risk to provide excellent care to all people in our community even during a pandemic.

CDHB CDS, nominated by Kelly Higgins.
Over lockdown they contributed to the health and well-being of potential Covid patients and people with tooth pain. They bought new measures into place in a short amount of time, under pressure to prevent the spread and cross contamination of Covid through the dental clinics.

West Rolleston Primary School - Staff, nominated by Simon McDermott.
The staff of the school went out of their way to make sure the children of the school had the resources required for home schooling, checked in on each child and family to make sure they were comfortable and needed anything (greater than educational needs - but also checking in on their social needs). Facilitating and organising technology and support packages to families was done efficiently and fast! They carried out frequent Zoom classes and individual catch ups - this was facilitated so all children were engaged, had fun, continued learning and were ‘ok’ on all fronts. They created fun and entertaining ‘skits’ for the children to enjoy - all the time giving assurances to parents to assist with the challenge of home-schooling. The communication during the time to the school community was exemplary - we were updated immediately with any news that effected our school and community. As we started to look to return to school there was a large amount of work done on safety and interpretation of (sometimes) ambiguous messaging - reassuring and always compassionate – this was hugely important to families. The amount of love and care for us as parents and community was amazing. They are heroes!

Roan Farm Milk, nominated by Natasha Leonard.
This wonderful small family business was delivering their amazing A2 milk during lockdown providing a great safe service. We looked forward to our weekly delivery knowing we were getting milk that was good for us.

Kyla Jarvis, nominated by Liz Girvan.
Kyla kept on working at NICU Christchurch Women's Hospital to care for very critical sick babies.
As Covid was unknown to how it would play out in the Community, it was an anxious time for those nurses whom never had PPE supplied to them.
The parents were coming in from out in the community to visit their sick babies... the nurses didn't know if the parent was carrying Covid or not.
Kyla is a Hero.

Ruth Jennings, nominated by Raewyn Feast.
As part of the Malvern Response Group, Ruth was one of several volunteers who gave of her time to deliver medications from our local pharmacy to the vulnerable during lock down Alert level 4 and 3. This was gratefully appreciated by those receiving the medications who otherwise would have had to have venture out against advice when they were most vulnerable to infection of the Covid virus.

Lynmaree Sopoaga, nominated by Raewyn Feast.
Lynmaree was part of a group of volunteers as part of the Malvern Covid-19 Response group. Lynmaree gave of her time to deliver medications from our local pharmacy to vulnerable members of our Malvern community in particular during Alert level 4 and 3. Those receiving the medications were most grateful to Lynmaree.

Mary Avery, nominated by Raewyn Feast.
Mary was part of a group of volunteers as part of the Malvern Response Group who gave of her time to deliver medications from our local pharmacy to the vulnerable residents of our community. This was particularly so during Alert level 4 and 3. Those receiving the deliveries were most grateful.

RD2 Rural Post Operators, nominated by Glenys Duff.
This amazing team had just taken over the business when the lock down occurred. What a hard time for them to get to know where everyone lived on their run. Their delivery was on time, accurate and the extra mile of delivering bigger packages to our veranda (not just the front gate) Their cheerful attitude came through if we saw them and they gave us written information about how their service is more than just post (stamps, prepaid bags, farming papers, The Press) and even today they still keep us all well informed with these circulars. As we are in the over 70s age group (and banned from going outside the property by the younger members of the house during the lock down) we really appreciated their caring concern. Free pickup of letters when the flag was up to old relatives in other parts of NZ with no computers meant we could keep in touch by letters. A much better service than we have had for years and a real credit to Jason and Sophie in their new venture.

Darfield District Nurses, nominated by Raewyn Feast.
The Darfield District Nurses provided medical care in the Malvern Community during the lock down period and since. They are a small group of professional dedicated nurses who without hesitation, entered into residents homes to give medical care to vulnerable residents of Malvern community. They dealt with not only medical issues but also helped ally fears of the residents by providing care in a calm confident way which in turn calmed patients.
During this difficult time they were unable to maintain social distancing, but were able to perform their duties while maintaining infection controls for both themselves and their patients. The Trust and the wider Malvern Community are most grateful for their unfailing service to their community.

Vicki Mulholland, nominated by Raewyn Feast.
Vicki is our manager for the Darfield district nurses. Vicki was responsible for ensuring that our nurses were well resourced with supplies and had adequate PPE gear to enable them to perform their duties. She co-ordinated referred patients from Christchurch hospital with the nurses and put in many hours.
Vicki had to use all her organising skills to source PPE gear that was in short supply but was an essential piece of equipment in keeping our nurses safe. She was always available to lend a helpful ear to our nurses and gave them moral support. The Trust is most grateful to Vicki and appreciate her hard work in keeping our district nursing service running smoothly during such difficult times.

Penny Curran, nominated by Ian Collins.
For my wife and I living in Lincoln and both in our 70s, Penny Curran, also of Lincoln and of the young generation, was our food and groceries lifeline during the Covid-19 Lockdown and Alert Levels 4, 3, and 2. Isolated in our bubble, we would have starved without Penny's regular supermarket runs for us, which she generously and voluntarily included in the trips for her own family's needs.
In the early uncertain and anxious days of the Lockdown and Alert Level 4, when so much was unknown and community transmission could not be ruled out, venturing from one's bubble was brave, and to do so for others was doubly brave. It meant shopping longer and travelling a wee bit further. Penny willingly did this for us. She would phone in advance for our shopping list, then on her way home drop our groceries at our front gate, masked and gloved, while I stood back, also masked and gloved. When she was gone I would then go forward and bring them in. It was often dark and misty at the time, which added to the drama. Thank you, Penny. You were our Covid hero.

Simon, Marianne, Seth & Reese McLenaghan, nominated by Carol J McLenaghan.
Anything that made you smile during lockdown had to be a good thing. The Beaumont Bears certainly did that. Caramellow and Carabella (the Beaumont teddy bears) were on display each day doing a different activity. Sometimes they were busy, chopping wood, ironing, sewing, motorbike maintenance and other times they were relaxing, having a picnic, listening to music, water skiing, enjoying a cup of tea or a beer!. They stood at dawn on Anzac Day. I understand they had quite a following on facebook and families made sure they included Beaumont Drive on their daily walk or bike ride. The bears came to life again in the Selwyn Connection Issue No 3. The McLenaghan family took the time to bring cheer and bears to their community.

Greg and Liam Knowles, nominated by Michelle Jones.
For the wonderful professional job on the Rolleston Residents Association Anzac day service. They took many hours to do this video and did such a great job to bring this to the people of our district. Here is the video so you can see the quality for yourselves. It meant that we could still mark Anzac day even though we were all in lockdown. They sort no recognition for this but gave freely of time skills and effort.

Generation House - Salvation Army, nominated by Sophie McInnes.
Supporting those in need is very much a part of their normal job, but during lockdown Stu & Grace really ramped up the food bank service and welfare calls, assisting Selwyn's Civil Defence team with the Welfare function. They also assisted groups like Lincoln Rotary to identify people who could do with a lift at Easter, resulting in deliveries of chocolate and New World vouchers.
When lockdown ended, I heard Stu comment that it was strange to explain that ‘getting back to normal’ for them was where the ‘slowing down’ started, as they'd never been busier than during the Alert 4 period. But that said, they are now busy coordinating a free lunchbox service for Rolleston children whose families are struggling financially - the impact of Covid is ongoing.

Rolleston Residents Association & ANZAC service collaborators, nominated by Sophie McInnes.
The online ANZAC service was an amazing piece of work, put together in a short period of time. Michelle Jones had the vision, Greg Knowles had the technology and skill, the choirs and speakers added beautiful music and wise words much like a normal service would have, and even Google helped in the search for photos of memorials around the area.
We couldn't remember in the way that we normally do, not even by wearing poppies or laying wreaths, but this was a fantastic alternative, as well as inclusive for all those who might not normally be able to attend an ANZAC service for health or distance reasons. Thank you to the whole team.

Aaron Orangi, nominated by Judith Pascoe.
Aaron is a pharmacist and the owner of the Darfield Pharmacy. He showed a huge commitment to his community by providing an ongoing essential service during the lockdown period, as did his staff. He is to be commended for his professionalism in continuing to provide his customers with advice and pharmacy products in this very stressful time. As a solo parent he also had to arrange alternative family care for his young family to enable him to give this service to the community.
Given the travel restrictions during lockdown, to not have the pharmacy available locally would have been disastrous.
Aaron's staff are also to be commended for their meet and greet service with customers, again, during a very stressful time.

Busy Bumbles Ltd, nominated by Renee Roker.
During the lockdown Busy Bumbles provided FREE care to essential workers children. This meant as an essential worker we didn’t have to worry about the burden of cost for childcare - so families who were providing essential services to the District - could do so without financial consequence. During a period of utmost turmoil, stress and unpleasant conditions - this came as a huge relief. Busy Bumbles owner Rebecca Scott continued to offer this FREE after all other OSCAR providers stopped as the government assistance ended. This was huge - Busy Bumbles are our heroes! Enabling us to continue working on essential services and self-funding this well after the assistance from government stopped.
Amazing and thank you to Busy Bumble - not other home-care provider in the District went this far!

Busy bumbles, nominated by Nicky.
I would like to nominate busy bumbles, they were amazing during lockdown, I had the supervisor at my house for a week watching my kids while I had to work. I didn't pay a cent. The kids loved having Maria there.

Chris Wylie, nominated by Leonie Corry.
Chris came over from Dunsandel and helped bag up one morning each week through lockdown.
It helped us to have that support because we were carrying on as usual during lockdown.
Chris is a good worker, reliable and committed and a friend. She is our hero.

Kyla Jarvis, nominated by Liz Girvan.
Kyla kept on working at NICU Christchurch Women's Hospital to care for very critical sick babies.
As Covid was unknown to how it would play out in the Community, it was an anxious time for those nurses whom never had PPE supplied to them.
The parents were coming in from out in the community to visit their sick babies... the nurses didn't know if the parent was carrying Covid or not.
Kyla is a Hero.

Claddagh Haven Trust, nominated by Marg and Merv Austin.
The Claddagh Haven Trust is an organisation who have three community homes in the Selwyn District, in Lincoln, Rolleston and West Melton, at any one time they may have up to six people in each residence. Our son, who is a resident at West Melton has autism with some challenging behaviours, licking being one, we feel with his particular behaviour, the staff at his residential home have gone beyond their normal duties in protecting him from the outside community. Also the office staff, in our opinion, have done an outstanding job, with extra duties, such as, grocery shopping, making sure all appropriate hygiene procedures were in place. All the residents at Claddagh are all at the middle to older age group, unfortunately, during lock down, one of the residents died, this also put a lot of extra stress on both staff and residents...... therefore we believe, they well deserve recognition ... Kind regards, Merv and Marg Austin.

Chris Seller, nominated by Aleisha Seller.
I am nominating my husband as he spent many hours over lockdown 3D printing hundreds of face shields for the community, getting up in the middle of the night to reset the machine so it could print 24 hours a day.

Leeston FreshChoice, nominated by Hilary Boal.
Staff were just wonderful, they went out of their way for older ones who were in complete lockdown to deliver their groceries. Grocery lists were emailed to them and then these were delivered to the door.

Leeston FreshChoice, nominated by June McLachlan.
There was nothing normal about the way we purchased groceries during lockdown. Freshchoice Leeston was expected to cater for unprecedented demand while limiting access, implementing significant hygiene practices, doing deliveries and reassuring customers while they themselves dealt with the fear and uncertainties. She very much appreciated all the staff.

FreshChoice Leeston nominated by Anne Lemon.
During the stressful time of lockdown the staff were always so careful to follow the distancing and disinfecting rules. Customers were greeted at the door with a disinfected trolley, a smile and sometimes a quick chat if time and space allowed. Appreciated the care, empathy and friendliness shown to customers during this time. They also provided a quick and efficient home delivery service for those who needed it. Staff are always friendly but during lockdown they stepped up several notches. “A heartfelt thanks as we could not have managed without you.”

The entire staff at FreshChoice Supermarket, Leeston, nominated by Maggie James.
The number of customers this shop put through from the day prior to lock down was staggering. There were no temper tantrums publicly displayed by staff. Despite having to work constantly at a fast pace wearing glasses, masks, visors, fielding a phenomenal amount of enquiries from residents, all remained cheerful. It was an absolute pleasure to be served by people who were working in conditions that could have endangered their & their families health. When staff gave instructions to the public regarding queues & payment procedures it was done in a firm, informative, professional friendly manner. The amount of product that came into the store & promptly shelved was gob smacking. Various shop fittings had to be relocated to cater for queues. It was great to see the shop adapting to phone orders & home deliveries & payment systems for those in age groups or with health conditions that were advised to stay away from facilities such as supermarkets.
I am also proud to say of Ellesmere people, that at this supermarket I did not witness any uncontrolled outbursts of anger.

Michael Sporke, Head Pharmacist at Leeston Pharmacy nominated by Vivienne Grace Ormsby.
Michael personally helped her by being a true gentleman and giving time to check how she was feeling as she has had some medical issues and was very stressed.

Betty Chamberlain nominated by Shirley Everest.
Betty who is in her mid 80’s plays the piano every Tuesday for residents in Ellesmere Hospital. During lockdown she played on her home piano and through a cell phone music was available to the residents so they did not miss their weekly sessions.

BNZ Leeston nominated by Mrs Caunte.
Found the BNZ most helpful during lockdown. Even with reduced hours and having to wait outside staff were so helpful and courteous during that difficult time.

Amanda Templeton nominated by Robert Giltrap.
Amanda was very willing to help all the residents of St David’s Place in Leeston. She and her husband had previously given residents a fridge magnet with their names, address, phone number and email so they could be contacted. She would regularly check on them all and do their shopping. Her kind, caring and lovely nature was appreciated by all those residents.