Application to organise your own local street gathering.


The purpose of this funding is to help neighbours to meet and get to know each other. It is intended to bring together as many people as possible. Please ensure that you promote your Meet your Street event widely to encourage participation.

All fields on this form are required. If preferred, you may download a printable copy [PDF, 475 KB] of the form.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • An application form must be submitted and approved by the Council Staff administering this fund prior to the gathering.
  • The maximum amount of funding is up to $75.00.
  • Payment is made after the event, and once receipts and a completed claim form have been received.
  • The subsidy of $75.00 per gathering cannot be in conjunction with any other Council funding.
  • Claims for reimbursement must be submitted no later than 30 days after the gathering, accompanied by the completed claim form with attached or scanned receipts. Claims are processed on the 20th of each month. Claim forms and supporting documentation should be submitted by the 15th to be included in the Council payment run.
  • Selwyn District Council does not reimburse for alcohol.
  • Only one application can be submitted per year (12 months since the street was last funded).
  • As part of submitting your receipts and claim form, Council also require no less than one high resolution photo of the event and a small paragraph detailing how the event went and any good news stories/new connections made. This should include numbers of attendees.
  • If you require more information on organising your own gathering please contact us at
  • If you would like to organise a community event in a public park/reserve that is aimed at the wider community or township rather than the residents of the street on which you live, please refer to the Selwyn Community Fund for funding opportunities.
  • The Parks and Reserves Bylaw [PDF, 392 KB] applies and any arranged activity taking place in a Council Reserve requires prior approval by the Reserves Team.

Health and Safety:

The individual(s) organising your gathering must ensure that appropriate standards of health, safety, security and environment practice are maintained at every ‘Meet Your Street’ gathering. If, for the purpose of the ‘Meet your Street’ gathering, the individual(s) is/are a person conducting a business or undertaking within the meaning of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, they must comply with their various duties under the act.

Please send your application prior to your event:

By submitting this form or sending your printable/scanned application to or post to:

Community Development
Meet Your Street
Selwyn District Council
PO Box 90
Rolleston 7643