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The Selwyn Youth Council (SYC) consists of young people aged between 12 and 24 years old who live in the Selwyn district.

The SYC members provide a voice for the youth in their communities and deliver projects throughout the year aimed at strengthening the wellbeing of Selwyn young people. Members also assist in consultations and advise the Selwyn District Council on issues relating to youth, to increase understanding of young people's perspectives and needs.

Youth Council Members

Springs Ward:
Jonathan Schwass, Middleton Grange School 
Ben Dodson, Lincoln University 
Jeremy Reed, Lincoln High School 
Selwyn Central Ward:
Neaveh Maeder, Rolleston College 
Erana Riddell, University of Canterbury 
Ethan Richards-White, Rolleston College 
Ellesmere Ward:
Emma Johnson, Ellesmere College 
Scarlet Shannon, Waitaha School 
Inaki Cepeda, Ellesmere College 
Malvern Ward:
Issy Kennedy, Darfield High School 
Laura Hann, Villa Maria 

Taumutu Representative, TBC



The Selwyn Youth Council meet twice in each school term per year. Before each meeting a public forum time is available to allow anyone to present ideas or plans they have for the youth of Selwyn that the youth council could potentially support or assist with. If you or your group would like to book a time to present please contact us prior to a meeting via email at

Public forums are available 5:30pm-6:00pm with youth council meetings held 6:00pm-8:00pm. Meetings for 2020 are on Wednesdays: 26 Feb, 14 Mar, 1 Apr, 13 May, 24 Jun, 5 Aug, 16 Sep, 28 Oct and 9 Dec.

Selwyn Youth Project Fund

The Selwyn Youth Council has established a discretionary fund called the Selwyn Youth Project Fund. It is managed by the youth council, and funding is to provide support for groups or individuals whose events or activities contribute to the strengthening of youth wellbeing in Selwyn.

At their monthly meeting, members of the youth council will assess the applications and distribute the funds as they see appropriate.
Please carefully read the Selwyn Youth Project Fund Policy and Guidelines before completing your application form. An accountability report template is also available to use to submit when funds received are used or within 12 months of receiving funding.

For more information or any queries please email