Complete and submit an online form to apply to be on the Youth Council.

Selwyn Youth Council - Application Form

If you require any assistance with completing this online form, the Selwyn Libraries team are available to help you complete or access it online at your local library.

To be eligible to apply you must:

  • Be between 12 – 24 years old at the start of the term (1 February 2023)
  • Live within the boundaries of the Selwyn District
  • Be available to attend meetings and events across Selwyn
  • Have the ability to work with other people and as part of team


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What do you do?

What are your skills, interests, or passions?
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Why do you want to join the Selwyn Youth Council?
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The Selwyn Youth Council has 4 values:

  1. Be a good human
  2. Be brave, think differently
  3. Better together
  4. We make it happen for Selwyn

You can read more about these in the Terms of Reference.

Which one of these values do you most identify with and why?
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What days and times are you available for youth council meetings? Note down your availability below.
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Photo: Upload a photo of yourself to add to this application. If you’re selected, we will use this photo to introduce you on the youth council page in 2023:

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Optional: Upload a 30 second video clip about why you'd be a great youth council member. Be as creative as you like!

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If you are selected for the Selwyn Youth Council and aged 16 years or over, we will require a Police Safety Check to be completed. Please tick the below box to confirm you are happy to go ahead with this.