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If you have recently changed any of your contact details, have not provided us with some of your contact details, or have noticed we have some of your contact details incorrect, you can update this information using this form.

Confirmation of these changes will be sought from you after you have submitted this form. If you have not heard from us within 10 working days, we have been unable to contact you to confirm these new details, so please stop in to any council service centre with your ID, to manually change your details.

Rubbish Collection Alerts

If you would like to receive a text notification of waste collection related information (such as changes to collection dates on public holidays), please fill in your Name and Mobile below, and provide the address your bins are collected from under Rubbish Collection Notification System below.

We do require that you provide a full legal name. Your name may be in our system in a number of formats (G Smith, Geoff Smith, Geoffrey Smith etc), so using your full name here helps minimise errors.

Other fields are not compulsory, but phone and email will help us to contact you if there is any problem with your change of details.

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Please give us your full legal name to help with matching you in our records

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To change your details in the Rating system, enter the valuation number of any of your Selwyn properties here.

To change your details in the Library system, enter your Library card barcode here.

To change your details in the Dog Registration system, enter your dog's tag number here.

To change your details or be added into the Boil Water Alerts system, enter the name of the Water Supply Scheme here (or type 'all schemes').

To change your details or be added into the Rubbish Collection Notifications System, enter the address your bins are collected from here.

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