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Canterbury Maps - interactive maps of canterbury including aerial imagery, planning zones, and council services
Property Search - find any Selwyn property here
Before U Dig - request location of services such as water, sewer, utilities

Map of Selwyn District

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Google MapsIf you are interested in an aerial image of your property, or directions from A to B within Selwyn, we highly recommend Google’s free online service Google Maps. Google has vast resources available and is often able to offer driving directions that are easy to follow and printable to take with you for a navigator in the passenger seat. Google’s information is useful for most general information enquiries, but should not be relied upon for any official or legal purposes.

Selwyn District Council is not affiliated with Google in any way and does not endorse the use of Google imagery or information for legal purposes.

If you have a GIS requirement that is not able to be filled by the above resources, please email us at and let us know how we can help you.


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