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Our Collection Day Search Tool is the easiest way to find out which day your waste and organic bins are collected and which week your recycling bin is collected.

Once you have found which recycling week you are, you can print the calendar matching your week number (1 or 2)

Recycling Week 1 Calendar to June 2018  [PDF, 417 KB]

Recycling Week 2 Calendar to June 2018 [PDF, 37 KB]

Rubbish Truck  

Your guide to Selwyn's Kerbside Collection Service [PDF, 3450 KB]

Kerbside collection on public holidays

Refuse / recycling drop off point map [PDF, 153 KB]

We provide three separate collection services:

  • The Recycling Collection picks up recyclable material that is left outside gates in 240 litre yellow top wheelie bins or 60 litre crates on a fortnightly cycle. The collection covers over 90% of the District's households. Participation in the recycling collection service is compulsory for households on the collection route. Those households not on the route but wanting to participate in the recycling collection can apply for a wheelie bin or two crates and transport them to a collection point.  Charges for the recycling services are charged on a yearly basis.
  • The Organic Collection picks up garden and food waste that is left outside in 240 litre lime green top wheelie bins on a weekly cycle. This service is only available in the larger townships at present and is slowly being extended to smaller townships as demand dictates. This collection is funded on a user-pays basis. Those who wish to use the service pay a (very reasonable) yearly charge for their wheelie bin.
  • The Rubbish Collection takes general household rubbish on a weekly cycle. Householders have three choices of rubbish containers, namely 60 litre official Council rubbish bags, 80 litre and 240 litre dark green or red top wheelie bins. The Council has set waste collection fees and charges to encourage waste minimisation and provide a financial incentive to households that reduce their rubbish.

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