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Remote Area Recycling & Refuse

Current location in the site

Image of Arthur's Pass recycle stationWe are establishing a number of Recycling Stations in the more remote areas of the District. The first Recycling Station was launched in Arthur’s Pass in February 2017. Additional recycling stations are planned for Arthur’s Pass and Castle Hill during 2017.

Arthur’s Pass Recycling Facility #1 is located opposite the Alpine Motel (location map [PDF, 113 KB]). Please respect our neighbours and their guests by depositing recycling during reasonable daylight hours. A refuse bin is also provided on site, adjacent to the recycling station.

This facility accepts glass bottles, plastic containers 1 – 7, steel and aluminium cans, paper and cardboard. Please ensure containers are empty, clean and with their lids off.

Recyclables contained within bags is treated as refuse by the machinery that sorts the recycling. Please ensure all recyclables are put in “loose”.

The signage is very clear. If you see someone depositing rubbish into the recycling station, please say something (if you feel comfortable). It is very important that the recycling stream is kept contamination free, in order for the service to be successful.

If you see anything that needs attention at the facility, please contact our helpline.

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